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YouTube has been introducing new and interesting changes to its platform to enhance the user experience. As a part of this, it is now bringing Shorts to your TV; the platform is introducing a new player optimized for big screens. Go to a Creator’s channel and find the “Shorts” tab or look for a carousel on the homepage to launch the YouTube Shorts player on TVs. 


However, vertical videos will be awkward in landscape mode unless your TV rotates. As a result, YouTube will display shorts vertically with white borders and the background color depending on the video being played. On the right, the video title, details of the audio, creator name, like and dislike button, and an overflow menu will display. Meanwhile, the comments, the navigation rail, and related tags will be on the left.

The customized Shorts experience seems to be aimed at offering a clean design as well as making the most of the wide screen’s additional space.


Weirdly enough,, the YouTube Shorts on TV may not allow autoplay, and you would have to use your remote’s up and down buttons to move to the next Shorts. Google says, “Research indicates that people want to take charge of the viewing experience. We learned that viewers wanted to take control of the viewing experience and were content to use the remote to manually move to the next Short rather than have the feed autoplay; this was not usual. Generally, this level of interactivity can be tiring with a remote, but the short-form video is unique.”

The company said it would begin rolling out the new feature over the coming weeks for TV models (2019 and later) and on newer game consoles.

In the last month, YouTube has added three upgrades. First, it redesigned its interface to give users a TV-like feel by adding a darker black background instead of its previous dark gray theme. Earlier this month, it announced that it is introducing new Primetime Channels for bringing multiple video streaming services to one place and holding its solid user base of 2.6 billion users. Further, it added the Go-live Together feature for some eligible creators so that they could invite guests to live stream with them.

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