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YouTube has launched a new co-streaming feature for select eligible creator accounts. The new Go Live Together feature will allow some creators to invite guests to join the live stream and go live together. The video-streaming platform announced via a blog post that “this feature is expanding to a limited group of creators. We hope the Go Live Together feature will be available to other creators soon.” 

How to Go Live Together on YouTube


Creators can only use the new feature on their YouTube phone app, not the platform’s desktop version. However, creators can schedule a live stream with a guest using their computer and then go live from their phone. Or, they can straightly go live from their mobile device.

They can also switch up their guests on the live stream, but can only allow one person to stream together at once. After inviting a guest, their stream feed will appear above their guest’s. Moreover, the company mentioned that the host channel will be responsible for the live content and should ensure that all guests and content on that co-stream comply with all YouTube terms and conditions, including their community guidelines, copyright, and all other applicable policies.

YouTube officially made this announcement for a limited number of creator accounts on their video streaming platform. Although it mentioned in a blog post that it would make the new feature available for other creators soon, the company is yet to reveal any formal date for when it will do the broader rollout. 

YouTube seems to be focusing on adding new features to its platform to provide a better user experience and has undergone massive overhaul in the last few weeks.  It recently announced Primetime Channels in the US which will allow users to watch their favorite shows, movies, and sports from various streaming services all in one place on the YouTube application. We could expect more such features to land on YouTube going forward. 

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