Will the wireless charger damage the phone battery?
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Will the wireless charger damage the phone battery? Things to know.

Wireless charging was a feature only seen on premium phones until a few years ago. Today it has reached the mid-range phones as well. Cheap phones will be available soon. However, some doubts remain about wireless charging. Some say that a wireless charger can cause radiation that is harmful to health. Others say it will shorten the phone’s battery life.

At the same time, some users are troubled by the many myths they hear about wireless charging. The convenience is that you do not have to inject the phone while using the wireless charger, just leave the phone alone. However, the fact that wireless charging is generally slow and that many handsets overheat when charging wirelessly discourages many from wireless charging.

Why wireless charging is not widespread in India?

One thing is for sure, the wireless charging feature is only coming to low-cost phones. But another reason is that no company offers a wireless charger for free with the phone. This is one of the reasons why even those who have phones with wireless charging feature do not use it. Many people are not ready to buy a wireless charger for cash. Therefore, no one buys handsets for sale in India because they do not have wireless charging. Also, wireless chargers are generally larger. As a result, it is not easy to carry and many Indian users are discouraged from wireless charging.

Is Wireless Charging Harmful to Health?

It has been claimed that wireless charging emits harmful emissions to the human body. However, studies show that this is not a problem if the wireless chargers you buy have a QI certification or seal. If this is not the case, then maybe the radiation is too small to be harmful to the human body.

Will wireless charging shorten battery life?

It has been argued for years that if charged wirelessly, the cells of the phone battery will be quickly destroyed and thus rendered relatively unusable. However, many researchers say that there is no clear evidence for this. They also say that it may be safer than charging with a standard charging code.

The phone heats up when charged wirelessly.

It is a fact that the phone heats up when charged wirelessly. However, experts say that there is nothing unusual about this and that it will not cause any problems to the interior of the phone. No problem if you are using a QI certified charger.

Unable to charge continuously.

If the phone is charged via cable, you can take the call without having to enter the code. Charging will continue. At the same time, the charging room will require you to pick up the phone if you receive a call while charging on the mat, but companies are not encouraging continuous charging these days. Better for battery health than not fully charging to 0-100. Instead, the new argument is that it is better to charge occasionally. Therefore, even if you pick up the phone from the wireless charging mat when the call comes, there will be no problem. All modern smartphones need to be charged periodically. The new finding is that a method of charging 0-100 after full charge is harmful to batteries.

Charging is very slow.

It is a fact that many wireless chargers do not have the same speed as wall chargers. The recently launched OnePlus 9 Series is said to have a 50w wireless charging capacity. But in general, wireless charging is slow.

Does wireless charging occur when the phone is covered?

Such a problem existed at the time of the introduction of wireless charging. If the phone had an outer cover, it could only be charged after it was removed. However, not all newer models have this problem. Can be placed in the charging mat with the cover. No need to remove the cover to charge each time.

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