WhatsApp multi-device support
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WhatsApp launches for multi-device support with maximum ensures user privacy

WhatsApp, The popular social media application in the tech world, is all set to implement more updates. Another feature that users have been waiting for a long time will soon be available to WhatsApp users. This is WhatsApp multi-device support. This feature allows a WhatsApp account to be used on four other non-phone devices.

This means that in addition to the phone, WhatsApp can be used on four other devices, namely computer, tab and laptop. Earlier, WhatsApp could be used by connecting to a browser on a computer or tab. However, under the current feature, WhatsApp can be used on other devices even when the phone is off. WhatsApp is available on all the other four devices even though the phone is not nearby.

This feature is currently only available to a few people. If the experiments are successful, the multi-device feature will soon be available to everyone. However, the same WhatsApp account cannot be used on more than one smartphone. Currently, a WhatsApp account is only available on one phone. This service may also be available soon.

Facebook claims to protect WhatsApp’s privacy and end-to-end encryption, even when it can be used on more devices. According to available reports, this feature could be introduced sooner than expected if successful testing of the calling feature in multi-device support. There is a challenge as to which device to take from when the call comes. This also needs to be addressed.

This feature allows users to log in to a single account from four different devices in addition to the phone. This means you can log in from your iPod and iPhone at the same time. Currently, users can only log in to WhatsApp web and phone at the same time.

With the new feature, WhatsApp can be accessed on a laptop with the new multi-device capability, even if the phone’s battery is depleted. WhatsApp can be used if the internet is available on the desktop, even if the phone loses the internet connection. WhatsApp has been working on this feature since July 2019.

According to Facebook’s blog, end-to-end encryption will be available for messages, message history, contact names and start-up messages on all devices using WhatsApp. Facebook has said it will not store any messages on the server and will ensure users’ privacy. Each device linked to WhatsApp account will have separate encryption keys.

The company also guarantees that hackers will not be able to steal the encryption key of a device or use it to decrypt messages sent to other users. The phone and other devices are connected via a QR code. You can use the phone’s QR code to sign in.

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12 thoughts on “WhatsApp multi-device support rolling out for beta testers”

  1. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!

  2. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!

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