Rajiv Gandhi Assassination Case

Wednesday granted the release of a man convicted of killing former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The Indian Supreme Court invoked extraordinary powers to release A. G. Perarivalan.

A.G. Perarivalan was arrested a few weeks after Gandhi was assassinated in a suicide bomb attack on May 21, 1991

Rajiv Gandhi's killing was seen as retaliation for his decision to send Indian troops into Sri Lanka in 1987.

Who was 19 years old Perarivalan at the time of the attack, was accused of buying batteries for the bomb.

Perarivalan was sentenced to death in 1998, but his sentence was reduced to life imprisonment in 2014.

2015, Perarivalan's attorney filed a mercy plea, which was referred to Indian South State Tamil Nadu's governor.

In March this year, the Supreme Court granted Perarivalan bail for him.

On 18/05/2022, the Supreme Court ruled it would release Perarivalan.