social media damage teenagers mental health.

Research by the Education Policy Institute and The Prince Trust shows that well-being and self-esteem are the same for all children of primary school age.

Significantly affects the mental health of both boys and girls at the age of 14 years. However, the report also says that has a significant impact on the mental health of girls.

One of the main reasons for all this is the lack of exercise. The study also warns that such mental problems are exacerbated when people start staying home because of the epidemic.

The study also found that family income, exercise and maternal health also contributed to the mental state of young people.

However, regular exercise has had a positive effect on both boys and girls, the report said. With the closure of the school, participation in sports and other activities has declined significantly,

Which is reported to have adversely affected mental health. Threatens teenagers’ mental health, warns to be careful.