Ranveer Singh is the fashion king of Bollywood

The courage shown by Ranveer Singh to try on any outfit has earned him many accolades.

The actor has a history of appearing in public with his sleek looks and captivating fans and the fashion world.

The global fashion brand Gucci is launching Ranveer Singh as their Indian face.

Another of his specialties is the emphasis on gender-neutral clothing.

The Bollywood superstar has not only been praised but also ridiculed for his dress code.

The actor remained steadfast in his fashion choices despite some attempts to ridicule his with the nickname of clown.

It is commendable that Ranveer Singh gives more importance to fitness and grooming.

Ranveer has a strong influence on the fashion choices of Indian youth.

Undoubtedly, there is no one more deserving of the title of Bollywood's Fashion King than Ranveer Singh.