Marilyn Monroe • John F. Kennedy

On June 6, 1968, shortly after midnight, actress Marilyn Monroe was found dead in the bedroom of her Brentwood, California, home.

She was lying face down on the bed, clothed in a sheer, pale pink nightgown, with white telephone earrings still in her ears and her hair still in curlers.

She was dead from a self-administered overdose of barbiturates.

On the nightstand next to her, beside an empty bottle of sleeping pills, was the suicide note she had written in the hours preceding her death.

On the day she died, according to a new Netflix documentary, she had a furious row with lover Bobby Kennedy and accused him and his brother, President Kennedy, 

The documentary, Jackie, is the latest portrayal of the former First Lady, who died 50 years ago this week after being shot in the head at close range in Dallas, Texas. 

The film, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival, depicts the final two months of her life in the build up to her death.

A new Netflix documentary on the life of Jackie Kennedy reveals the First Lady had a furious row with her lover Bobby Kennedy, just hours before her death. 

The fight, according to The Kennedy's: After Camelot, happened on the day of John F Kennedy's assassination, November 22, 1963.

According to the documentary, Jackie believed Bobby and his brother, JFK, had betrayed her by talking about her in public and, in particular, by saying she was suffering from mental illness.

Jackie made her feelings known in an expletive-ridden rant to Bobby, who became furious and stormed out of the room.

Who is Bobby Kennedy? If you’re in the US, you’re likely to know more about his brother, John F Kennedy, than him. 

Bobby Kennedy was a US Attorney General and a Senator. He was also the younger brother of President John F Kennedy.