kim kardashian, The controversy over the Marilyn gown continues.

American celebrity Kim Kardashian wearing the famous golden gown of Hollywood dancing legend and beauty Marilyn Monroe at a Metgala ceremony.

Kim has been criticized for wearing a costume of historical significance and for flouting traditions.

Kardashian arrived at the Met Gala earlier this month wearing a controversial gown.

In 1962, the then US President John F. Marilyn Monroe sang the birthday song at Kennedy's 45th birthday party.

In 1962, when Marilyn Monroe it to the glowing stage, the crystals sparkled.

Merlin bought it for $ 1500. It was later auctioned off for US $ 12 million.

But it is rumored that Kim Kardashian wore it only to a red carpet ceremony and that the actress wore one of its copies at the Met Gala. But the controversy does not end there.