Ghulam Mohammad Baksh. Gama Pehlwan 144th birthday

Google Doodle honors the undefeated Indian wrestler Gama Pehlwan.

He was born on May 22, 1878, in Punjab in the Jabbowal Village Province of British India.

Gaining interested in intense exercise and wrestling from a very young age.

1890s through 1910, Gama Pehlwan went on a streak of undefeated matches against India’s greatest wrestlers,

Gama is training at one point consisted of as many as 5000 squats and 3000 pushups per day.

Gama then grew his career internationally by challenging and defeating the greatest wrestlers in Britain.

Resulting in a match against world champion Stanislaus Zbyszko, which also ended in a draw.

In1947, British India became independent of Britain and split to become separate dominions of India and Pakistan.

Gama Pehlwan spent the remainder of his days in Lahore, passing away on May 23, 1960.