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Beware of social media addiction! Ask yourself some questions?

The use of social media has become commonplace over the last ten years. Social media platforms range from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to Clubhouse. Although the use of this type of social media is not a problem for most people, studies show that it causes addiction in five to ten percent of people. Social media addiction means being addicted to the use of such platforms.

Always keep thinking about social media, the unrestrained passion for logging in and using it, spending more time on social media and thus not giving enough time to other important things in life are important things that determine whether a person is subject to social media.

For someone addicted to social media, the pleasure of using it, the uncontrollable urge to spend more time on it, and the discomfort of not being able to use it all have similarities to any other addiction (alcohol, smoking, etc.).

Studies show that posts on social media and the likes and comments it receives stimulate our nervous system. This stimulus leads to increased use of social media by some, and ultimately to obedience. In normal conversations we share about 30-40 per cent with others, while on social media it is about 80 per cent. More and more people are exposing themselves on social media through writings, photos and more.

Problems often begin when one begins to use social media to reduce stress and as an antidote to isolation, loneliness, and depression. Getting ‘likes’ and good words on social media that you don’t get in real life makes some people addicted to it. Uncontrolled continuous use of such platforms may cause problems in real life. Lack of interest in or neglecting the relationships in life, neglect of work and studies, and mental and physical health can affect many aspects of life.

The following questions can help you determine if a person is a social media victim.

  • Do you spend more time thinking about social media?
  • Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what to do with it?
  • Do you have an uncontrollable desire to use social media?
  • Do you use social media to forget personal issues?
  • Have you tried and failed to reduce the use of social media?
  • Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally?
  • Does the use of social media cause problems at work or study?

If the answer is yes to more than three questions, then you can assume that you are starting to get addicted to social media.

If you see such obedience developing, try to limit the use of social media and devices such as mobile phones and computers. Avoid notifications, avoid such apps from your mobile phone, set aside time for use and try to get rid of social media addiction from the beginning. Best of luck….

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14 thoughts on “Social media addiction! Ask yourself some questions?”

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  4. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!

  5. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!

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