Reliance Jio! Ambani with smart move again, comes Jiobook.

Reliance Jio! Ambani with smart move again, comes Jiobook.
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Reliance Jio! Laptop Jiobook coming soon.

Reliance Jio, the world’s largest maker of low-cost devices, is all set to launch a new laptop. In 2018, Geo announced such an interest. At the time, Geo was in talks with Qualcomm, a smartphone processor maker. One of the features of the Geo notebook is its cellular connectivity.

Rumor has it that Geo is going to introduce a cheaper laptop for the common man. But so far no details have been released. According to national media reports, Reliance Jio may now take the first step towards the launch of the Jiobook laptop. Experts predict that Geo’s new laptop will shake up the PC market in the country.

91 Mobiles has released the latest information on the Jiobook. However, the report does not mention JioBook anywhere. However, the report states that Reliance Jio’s laptop has a product ID of 400830078 and will run Windows 10 out-of-the-box.

It can also be upgraded to Windows 11 as the laptop comes with licensed Windows. Geo will be offering any kind of forked version of Windows 10 with the Jiobook to reduce costs as it did on Geophone Next. It is also possible to replace x86 processors from Intel or MMD with ARM processors.

The listing shows the company name as Endor Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Although Geo has a contract with a third-party manufacturer for laptops, it will sell under Geo branding.

There have already been reports about JioBook on some platforms like BIS and Geekbench in India. BIS certification is required before a product can go on sale in India. At the same time, the maximum
Geekbench also ensures a dry run to find performance.

However, the Geekbench listing shows that the Jiobook will use Android 11. Some observe that this may be a sign that the Jiobook may have another OS model. The laptop will be powered by a JioBook MediaTek MT8788 processor and 2GB of RAM. However, Geo has not yet said anything about the Jiobook, but is building more tools to expand Geo’s market.

In addition to the Jiobook, Geo is also moving to build the first 5G phone. All of this is expected to be announced at the upcoming annual shareholder’s meeting. It is also possible to give a hint about the Geo laptop at the event.

Reliance Jio Laptop Jiobook Specification



Model – Jio Book, Model ID – Jio Book (2021)
OS- Android OS Version JioOS
Color – Black Warranty Yes


Screen Resolution- 1366 x 768 pixels


Processor Type – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665


System Memory- 4 GB Memory Slots Yes


eMMC- 64GB eMMC 5.1


Bluetooth- v4.0 Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n


USB Port – Yes, HDMI Port mini HDMI
Headphone Jack – Yes
Other Ports- 4G SIM Card Slot

Webcam – HD Webcam, Audio Solution – Yes Speakers – Yes


Pointer Device – Touchpad, Keyboard – Yes

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