OnlyFans 2022 history of the controversial platform that revolutionized the online sex trade

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OnlyFans History. Although it’s been five years since the online platform. Only Fans was founded, it’s been the last two years since the Covid-19 epidemic has locked people around the world within the four walls of their homes, and even celebrities have been flooding in to make it worldwide. Today this virtual world has become a platform where sex workers, social media influencers and celebrities all use to connect with their fans, which is also their main source of income.

OnlyFans History

In November 2016, British entrepreneur Timothy Stokley set up a content sharing platform called OnlyFans‌, secured by a Pay Wall. Before such a system could be in place, Stokley had been dubbed the ‘King of Homemade porn’ by ‘The Times’ for setting up adult performance sites such as Glam Girls and Customs4U. During the Corona era, celebrity creators were the only ones to make a significant check. (Only Fans History)

Covid-19 lockdowns have hit sex workers around the world hard. The economic downturn that followed the global shutdown also caused their trade to plummet. Many of these workers are starving as strip clubs and sex work centers are closed indefinitely. It was at this point that their livelihood ceased, and many of those who were engaged in such sex work with the aim of starting to earn a living migrated in droves for the first time to a platform called ‘Demon Time’. In addition to Only Fans, Beyoncé said, Demon Time ‘is a network of Instagram live streams of unemployed strippers due to Covid-19. Many Instagram handles of Demon Time are being canceled due to nudity policies. (OnlyFans History)

‘Boost’ by Beyoncé

It was because of these problems that these adult entertainment workers moved to the OnlyFans that existed at the time. Fans Only was a content aggregator website that allowed the public to pay and subscribe to live shows of adult entertainers. Although it started before Covid-19, it was during the subsequent lockdown that many people around the world began to make money using this platform. “Hips TikTok when I dance / On that Demon Time, she might start an OnlyFans” rap, and Beyoncé only raises the name of fans again and again.

In just 24 hours after the mention of Beyoncé’s Savage Remix, the number of fans’ only user base increased by more than 15%. This reference to Beyoncé even creates the impression among online performers at the time that OnlyFans‌ are a safe place. In the coming weeks, many celebrities including Blac Chyna, The-Dream, Safari Samuel, Casanova, Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Tyler Posey, and Tana Mongeau will be joining Only Fans. Shortly afterwards, Justin La boy, owner of ‘Daemon Time’, announced that he was launching a digital strip club with OnlyFans‌ owner Stokley.

As a result, thousands of performers who had previously been on the ‘Demon Time’ network on Instagram and were facing the threat of deletion on Instagram became members of OnlyFans at once. At present, they follow a policy of admitting only those above the age of eighteen.

Only fans and controversy

Although many fans around the world saw OnlyFans as their only source of livelihood during the Covid-19 era, the controversy surrounding it was not insignificant. The BBC investigation has made several crucial revelations. One major allegation was that underage girls were sharing their nude pictures after accessing the website using fake IDs.

Pressure from the banks of OnlyFans in the wake of the BBC’s revelations prompted management to make an announcement that pornographic content would no longer be on their platform from October 1, but due to protests from investors, they were forced to cancel the policy change just six days after it was announced.

Attempts to misuse their site are seldom made, and OnlyFans management responds that they are trying to pay close attention to issues such as juvenile consumption, incest and pedophilia. However, in March 2020, about four terabytes of data, or about 500 hours of HD content, were leaked and uploaded to a cloud storage site called Mega. Since then, OnlyFans has told Bus Feed Magazine that they have tightened their safety standards.

Finance of Only Fans

Today, OnlyFans‌ has grown into a huge movement with over 12 crore subscribers. These subscribers, who pay between $5 and $50 per month, are also free to ‘tip’ their favorite content creators. The site allows users to tip $100 per day for less than four months and $200 per day for those over 4 months.

Performers only have the ability to send personal messages, make phone calls, have group chats, and even send videos and photos of performers directly. Twenty per cent of the rates charged for all this will be charged as Fan’s Only Commission. What attracts many is that the remaining eighty percent goes to the accounts of the performers.

Top 10% of the content creators using the platform are in the top 10.1 and top 0.1% of the slabs, with Top Creator badges being recognized only by fans and special incentives. It is also common for the same creators to use these badges as marketing tools to gain more viewers for themselves. According to Insider Only Fans‌ data published by Insider, the website has 17.4 crore monthly visits and 55 lakh daily visits.

They say they have 15 crore registered users and 15 lakh content creators. According to OnlyFans, they give $5 billion a year to creators. They also claim that two lakh new members have joined every day since the Covid lockdown began. Before Fans, there were only four lakh content creators before Covid, but it was increased to 16 lakh in one go. According to the Financial Times, the website’s financial growth has increased by 553 percent by 2020.

Well known rapper Bhad Bhabie has made a million dollars in just six hours and set a record for only fans. Bhad Bhabie, who has been making a name for himself in rap music since the age of 13, joins Only Fans as a content creator within days of turning 18. Before that, Bella Thorne, a Disney star, made history by earning $1 million in 24 hours.

Many movie stars and models in India are known as content creators of OnlyFans. Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey, Sofia Hayat, Anjali Kara, Annie Sharma and Swati Naidu are some million making models on this platform.

There was a view that many of those whose incomes had stagnated during the Covid period were being forced to adopt socially unacceptable methods such as Only Fans‌. In our country, where sex work is not banned by law, many people in our country have joined the global wave of online nudity and personal adult performances with the help of technology.

Even today, the vast majority of people in India are unaware of the existence of such a platform, but slowly people realize that there is such a thing, and discussions about its morality have begun to appear on social media in the form of trolls and criticisms. We hope that in the coming days we will be able to know more about the legal validity of such an online platform and its existence.

Only Fans History. Thanks for reading.


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