OnePlus buds pro price in India and specifications

oneplus buds pro
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OnePlus buds pro. True wireless stereo (TWS) earphones, which have no cable hanging and are attached to the ear, are now the travel companion of most people. Many smartphone companies have recognized this trend and are introducing a number of earbud models. Many companies that specialize in headsets and speakers also have a large market for earbuds under the ten thousand rupees. Entry level buds are available at will, but there are widespread complaints that the quality of music enjoyment is poor or that the initial excellence does not last.

OnePlus Buds Pro Is Making Waves In The Market

With this the focus shifted to the mid-range. TWS earbuds have become popular for a variety of music and gaming purposes. OnePlus Buds Pro, one of the premium smartphone brand, has reached that category. Priced at Rs 9,990, the Buds Pro is notable for its premium design, fast charging, Active Noise Cancellation and Dolby Atmos support.

The bud is located right inside the ear and has a slightly longer with control system. Premium look with matte finish and glossy finish. The charging case has fast charging and wireless charging which can be very conveniently kept in the pocket. The earbud weighs 4.35 grams each and the charging case 52 grams. The charging case is a 520 mAh battery. And 40 mAh on the earbud. Water resistance has an IPX4 rating. The earbuds have an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance.

The earbuds are controlled by pressing the system in various ways. You can change the settings by connecting to the OnePlus phone or via Hey Melody App. OnePlus Buds Pro is an Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation that learns background sound and replaces unwanted sounds. There is also an option to create an audio ID and customize accordingly.

It is an earphone with 11mm dynamic drivers. Each earpiece has 3 microphones. The Buds Pro offers excellent Bluetooth connectivity and excellent sound resolution at various frequency ranges.

Now, if you’re tired of pop songs and webinars, you can enjoy soothing music saved in Buds itself. In this Zen mode, the music is taken from nature. Dolby Atmos and gaming mode are only available when connected to OnePlus phones.

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