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Latest posts and tweets about CSGO Source 2 leaks on Reddit and Twitter are inflicting a whole lot of buzz within the CSGO neighborhood. And this time, the neighborhood is extra optimistic concerning the CSGO 2 hype because it comes from Nvidia’s current drive update. This “driver leak” has been the supply of many sport leaks previously, and so they had been principally true.


In keeping with A Twitter, the most recent Nvidia drivers launched someday in February appear to have added assist for 2 executables named “csgo2.exe” and “csgos2.exe”. This was first hinted at by a Reddit consumer u/DAOWAce and this was sufficient to set the entire neighborhood on fireplace. For many who do not know, Source 2 is a sport engine developed by Valve and is the successor to the Source sport engine utilized by DOTA2 and CSGO.

Following the announcement of Source 2 in 2015, DOTA2 grew to become the primary sport to be ported from Source in the identical yr. Now, leaked Nvidia drivers reveal a brand new sport profile referred to as “csgos2.exe” that hints on the identical. Maybe, after so a few years of ready, Valve has lastly determined to port CSGO to its personal Source 2 sport engine, making large modifications to the sport’s graphics and a few minor modifications to the sport’s mechanics.

CSGO not too long ago reported a brand new file participant rely of roughly 1.35 million gamers having fun with the sport in 24 hours. With this information out and probably CSGO being ported to Source 2, CSGO could possibly be on its solution to setting and breaking new data.

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