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Meta on Tuesday said that it is testing two new ways to help users control what they see on Instagram.

While the platform is testing the ability to mark multiple posts in Explore as ‘Not Interested,’ it will also soon start testing the ability to tell Instagram you don’t want to see suggested posts with certain words, phrases or emojis in the caption or hashtags.

“We’re testing the ability to mark multiple posts in Explore as Not Interested. We’ll immediately hide those posts and refrain from showing you similar content in the future,” said the company.

Whether you’re seeing something that’s not relevant, or have moved on from something you used to like, you can use this feature to stop seeing content that’s not interesting to you.

The Instagram user interface showing where you can add or remove accounts from your Favorites list.

When you add an account to your Favorites you’ll see their posts higher and more often.

“And you can see a dedicated feed of your Favorites to catch up on just their posts,” said Meta.

With ‘Following’ feature, you’ll see posts just from the accounts you follow, in chronological order.

By tapping ‘Not Interested’, it removes the post from your feed immediately, and “we’ll suggest fewer posts like it in the future,” the company informed.

“If you want to take a break from suggested posts, you can easily snooze them for 30 days. To snooze suggested posts, tap the X on the top right corner, and then tap Snooze all suggested posts for 30 days,” Meta announced.

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