Meta Facebook smartwatch will launch 2022 with on-screen camera

meta facebook smartwatch
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Bloomberg reports that Meta Facebook Smartwatch is in the process of building a smartwatch to compete with the Apple Watch. The new products will be launched under the newly announced meta company. It is said that the Facebook watch will have a circular screen. The camera is also attached to the notch of the watch. The notch will be at the bottom of the screen. It is said to be the first meta Facebook smartwatch to be launched by a leading company with a camera.

Meta Facebook smartwatch

The image of the watch was found in one of Facebook’s iOS applications. As seen in the released picture, it has a front facing camera and a circular screen. The photo shows a watch with a slightly curved screen and casing at the edges. The front-facing camera is like what you see on a smartphone. It appears at the bottom of the display. There is also a control button for the watch on the right.

The image of the watch was found inside the company’s app for controlling the new smart glasses released in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The picture, discovered by app developer Steve Moser, was shared with Bloomberg News. However, a Meta spokesperson declined to comment on the report.

The detachable wrist strap on the watch also looks like a button on the top of the watch case. It has a larger display than the basic fitness trackers sold in the market. It also mimics the style of the Apple Watch. The camera on the display indicates that the Meta’s watch may be used for video conferencing. Apple’s smartwatches do not have cameras, and companies like Samsung do not have cameras.

The First Meta Facebook Smartwatch is expected to launch in 2022. But there have been no official announcements about this. At the same time, it is considered to be the first sign of Facebook entering the field. The Verge had earlier reported about Facebook’s watch plans, saying that the heart rate monitor could also be included in these devices.

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