Leaked your phone call?; The cause is known, and the solution for the problem

Leaked your phone call
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Leaked your phone call? Business Standard reports that one in two citizens in India is receiving ads based on their phone calls. The reasons for this are shocking, the report said. The new report is based on a study by social media local circles. According to the report, 51 per cent of Indians have started receiving advertisements based on the content of their private phone calls. This is according to data collected from 38,000 people in 307 districts of the country. In this case, you need to know where leaked your phone call?


According to Local Circles, the study was conducted after seeing thousands of posts and comments over the past 12 months on the sharing of phone call information of Indian citizens. Most of the complaints were that the advertisements were based on the information spoken in the voice calls. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed were men and 38 percent were women. Of the respondents, 48 ​​per cent were from tier-1 cities, 27 per cent were from tier-2 cities and 25 per cent were from tier-3 and 4 (rural) areas. The scale of this new problem is staggering. But with a little care, it can be prevented. Leaked your phone call?

Leaked your phone call?

Leaked your phone call

Advertising on social media based on an article they read a while ago is a familiar experience to many. This is because online activities have no privacy. This has been going on for years. That is not the problem now. Have you talked about a product or service over the phone and then visited a website or app and seen the same product or service? If so, your call may have been leaked by advertisers and moneymakers. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed have this problem. And 19 percent said it had happened many times before. Leaked your phone call?

How does this happen?

Your calls and contact information are not leaked through telecom operators. According to the study, the problem is that the phone’s microphone and contacts are left open for all the requested apps. Eighty-four percent of those surveyed have given WhatsApp their entire contact list. In addition, 51 percent gave contacts to Facebook and Instagram. In addition, 41% of people have opened contact lists for apps like True Color. Leaked your phone call?

They can even fall victim to financial fraud.

If the information on the phone is being analyzed, the information collected from it could lead to financial fraud in the future. (If Facebook and WhatsApp are collecting data, they may not be mature enough to do such work. The sole purpose is to show advertising. It is said that the main problem is giving the microphone access to the apps all the time. On most phones today, you can go to Settings and check which apps have been given microphone access.

Always provided microphone access.

Most people have their microphone open all the time. Apps should be given microphone access only when needed and immediately withdrawn. Many will not be interested in this. In addition to conversations through various apps, phone calls may also be leaked, according to a new study. Leaked your phone call?

Pay attention to these things.

If privacy is important, it may be best to make it a habit to withdraw permission for critical settings, such as microphones and cameras, as needed. There are those who think that the ‘Personal Data Protection Bill 2019’ to be passed by India may solve the data leakage problem. At the same time, local circles say that they will forward all their findings to the Union IT Ministry and that they take appropriate action. Leaked your phone call?

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