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Important things to look for when buying a new laptop.

Laptop important things you must know before buying a new one, It is not easy to imagine life without laptops (or desktops) during this Covid era. Whether you are a student or an official, you will have to buy a new laptop from time to time. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally when our laptop is damaged. In addition, end-to-end use of existing laptops and new ones after being drained are environmentally friendly.

But there are some things to look for when selecting yours. If he knows in advance, he can avoid all sorts of addictions at the right time and not jump in accidentally. Before you start considering the power and features of laptops, there is one thing to decide. Which operating system computer to buy? Let us take a look at the four important operating systems available today and review the things to keep in mind when buying a laptop.


Microsoft’s Windows is the most widely used operating system. Office and Outlook services are also useful. Its advantages include the ability to run almost all programs, including Photoshop. The fact that relatively inexpensive computers are also available is also attractive to many.


Computers running Apple’s macOS have the advantage, but they generally run on Apple’s hardware. So the price will be higher. You have to pay more than Rs 67,000 for the lowest available Mac computer now. Another issue is service. These may cost a lot of money if they need service, and service centers may need to be run. Nearby computer mechanics may not repair Mac computers. However, these are generally less serviced. Money is not the issue, it is the best performance, consider laptops with macOS. Those who have decided to buy a MacBook would do well to study them separately.

Chrome OS.

Google’s computer operating system is called Chrome, just like their browser. Chrome notebooks are called Chromebooks. Generally, better systems are available, but software like Adobe’s Photoshop cannot be installed on it.


Linux can be considered if you do not want many programs such as Adobe’s software and Microsoft Office. The dark table can be used for photo editing. LibreOffice can be used instead of office. It’s a little hard to learn, but viruses are not as problematic as Windows. Linux works on most Windows laptops.

Once you have determined what OS you want, then you can decide which processor you want. Intel and AMD are launching PC processors.

Intel Processors

Intel’s processors will be available in the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9 series. The latest processors are from the 11th generation. Of these, the Core i3 is the weakest and the Core i9 is the most powerful. They are also accompanied by their names Y, U and H. It is said that those with Y have better battery performance.

AMD Processors

Like Intel, AMD will be launching the Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 series. These were released to compete with Intel’s series. This means that the Ryzen 5 will be similar to the Intel Core i5.

AMD Graphics.

In terms of graphics, AMD-centric computers have recently outperformed Intel. There was a slight difference in performance, such as video editing and playing games. Now, there are those who say that Intel has come along, but there are those who argue that AMD is a little ahead. AMD uses integrated graphics.

How much power do you need?

Core i5 or equivalent processor is required for generally powerful computing. On the other hand, if you have web browsing and little use, the i3 will suffice. But if you want a more powerful PC, consider the I7 Series or the equivalent AMD Series.

If you have Chrome OS, everything is done through the browser. An i3 machine will suffice for that. Or the Ryzen 4000 chip. There are also Chromebooks that run on the i5 and i7 chips. But it would be better to spend money on Windows machines than to spend money on them.

RAM (Random-Access Memory)

The more RAM you can add to the computers you buy for video editing and gaming purposes, the better. If used for small things like text editing, browsing and video watching, 4GB will suffice. However, if you are doing things that require extra power, at least 8GB is a good idea. At the same time, there is an argument that having 16 GB or more of RAM is better for more powerful operations in the future.

There is one thing to keep in mind when buying a laptop. Whether the RAM is upgradable. That said, there is only 4GB of RAM, but if you need more RAM in the future, you can add more RAM. The other is whether the RAM is sold in such a way that it cannot be moved from the motherboard. 4GB RAM is enough for Chromebooks. Nowadays, it is better to look at the models with DDR4 RAM.

Graphics card.

Technically, all laptops have a graphics card. Some are known as integrated graphics. This is enough for normal users. It’s enough to watch HD movies and play games that do not require much capacity. Meanwhile, if you are playing video editing or powerful games, call it Discrete Graphics. Need known graphics cards. Most of these graphics cards are manufactured by Nvidia and AMD.

Storage capacity.

SSDs (SSDs) are more efficient than older types of hard drives. Users of laptops and other hard drives can replace the old hard drives and install SSDs to speed up the computer. Motherboards that accept NVMe and M2 are more efficient. Those who buy new computers are also advised to buy such drives. It doesn’t matter if you no longer have the money to buy them, these can also be replaced. The minimum storage capacity is usually 256 GB. If you have money, you can buy 512 GB.


If possible, buy a model with 1080p resolution.


If possible, make sure you have at least one USB-C port, one USB-A port, a microphone headset jack, and an SD card reader. If you use a camera, it is a good idea to make sure you have a card reader. USB-C charging would also be beneficial. Nowadays, buying laptops with this feature can be beneficial in many ways. If the chargers are lost or damaged, care should be taken to purchase the company’s own chargers if possible.


Webcam has become a must after 2020. Therefore, it is better to choose models with good webcams. If possible, choose one with 1080p resolution. If not 720p. It is another thing to know if the hinge of the laptop is good. This is one of the things you need to go shopping for instead of going online. It’s a good test to see if you can open the laptop with one hand. It is said to be a good hinge used if it can be opened with one hand.

Size and weight.

You can also consider whether you can carry the laptop in one hand or carry a backpack. Take a look at the trackpads and keyboards of laptops. Backlit keyboards can be very useful in some cases. Once you have decided on the specification you want based on the amount of money set aside to buy the laptop, the next step is to read the reviews. Even laptops with the same specification can be seen performing differently. You can also compare the available models and find a suitable laptop.

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  3. Thank a lot for sharing this awesome info. I personally like the last point and follow me in my blog. I love to share on social media. keep it up!!!

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