iPhone SE 5G, arrived in India price and specifications

iPhone SE 5G, arrived in India price and specifications
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iPhone se 5G, Many of the hardware features I heard about the iPhone SE 5G were true, but all the rumors about the price were completely false. It has been rumored that the iPhone SE 5G model will be cheaper than the SE (2020) model launched almost two years ago. The starting variant of the model, which was launched two years ago, was priced at $399. However, the fact that the price of the new SE 5G has been increased to $428 may come as a disappointment to many.

There is no significant price difference in India.

Meanwhile, in India, the 64GB storage variant of the new model is priced at Rs 43,900, according to national media reports. Take a closer look at the hardware features of this model, which is mainly aimed at countries like India.

iPhone se 5g Upgrade.

The new phone gets two major upgrades compared to the previous SE version. At the heart of the new phone will be the A15 bionic processor that powers the latest iPhone Premium series. Second comes the 5G antennas. Apple claims that the glass used on the front and back of the phone is the strongest ever used in smartphones. It also has the same type of glass used in the iPhone 13. IP67 also has water and dust resistance. In that sense, it is possible that the phone will be considered by iPhone lovers. But …

Worst features.

But the phone is given the same design as seen in the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020. At just a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, the feature set retains a relatively heavy bezel, home button, touch ID, and single camera on the back, which is disappointing. If you remember that this is a phone that you are going to keep in your hand for at least the next 3-4 years, the excitement may leak again.

But internally, there are many changes.

If the design is tolerable many changes can be seen internally. Performance on or near the latest iPhone 13 series can be seen in the iPhone SE 5G. The SE 5G model also features a 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU, 16-core neural engine, and live text. In addition, Apple claims that the design is similar to the iPhone 2020, but with better battery performance. The presence of a more advanced A15 processor improves the battery performance.

Used recycled materials.

Apple claims that some parts of the iPhone SE 5G, like the iPhone 13 series, are made from 100% recycled materials. Such material is tungsten in the Tactic engine and the log used to solder the logic board.

iPhone se 5g Camera.

It has a single rear camera, but it’s definitely better than the SE (2020) model. The resolution is 12 MP. Aperture f / 1.8. However, it has come out with some of the best computational photography features. Introduced with Smart HDR4, Photographic Styles, Deep Fusion and Portrait Mode 4 introduced with the iPhone 13 Series. Utilizes smart HDR4 intelligent segmentation. In this way, the camera is able to bring color, contrast and noise differently in terms of subject and background. It is claimed that if you take a photo of someone, even when there is extra light in the back, your face will be recognized, and it will be photographed without getting dark.

Consideration for skin tone.

The company says that although it takes photos of people with different skin types, it also has the ability to take into account the skin characteristics of each individual. The phone can detect light and various skins in the area where the photo is taken. The camera has a 5x digital zoom. Features include advanced Bo-K, depth control, optical image stabilization, 6-element lens, LED true tone flash, panorama shot up to 63MP and autofocus with focus pixels. The video can record up to 4K 24, 25, 30, 60 frames per second.

7MP resolution for selfie camera.

The selfie camera with f / 2.2 aperture has a resolution of 7MP. At the same time, this camera comes with a number of features, including deep fusion. Maximum video quality is 1080p.

So who owns this SE 5G phone?

Those who want to get into Apple’s software environment can consider it. Those who do not think much about design can also consider. Even those who think that a very compact handset is enough may consider buying this. However, the 4.7-inch LCD screen may seem a bit too small for many. This applies to both browsing and video watching. At the same time, if Apple’s software environment does not pay much attention, you can definitely buy phones with a more built – in OLED display and a dual – camera rear camera system. The iPhone SE 5G will go on sale in India from March 18, according to national media reports.

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