iPhone 13 series is rumored
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Will the iPhone 13 have a satellite phone system?

The iPhone 13 series is, rumored to be equipped with a satellite communication system that can make calls and send SMS even where Wi-Fi and telecom signals are not available. An increasing number of people are making strong arguments that this may or may not be the case. Ming-Chi Kuo, who makes reliable predictions about Apple products, is the originator of this controversy.

Kuo’s argument.

He said the custom chip, built by Qualcomm for Apple, could work directly with satellites using the Low-Earth-Orbit (Leo) Satellite Internet Protocol communications system. Even if this is true, there are those who argue that it will not be of any use to Indians in the present circumstances. Because India is with more than 20 countries like China and Russia which have banned satellite phones. iPhone 13 series is rumored, will have satellite phone system?

Emergency feature?

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who gives accurate news about Apple’s moves, also believes that the iPhone 13 will have the hardware to take advantage of the possibility of satellite communication. He claims that this will be of use to the iPhone 13 user in the event of an accident or other problems in a place where there is no range. Meanwhile, he predicts that the iPhone 13 handset will be ready for satellite communication, but will introduce this feature in 2022. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s X60 baseband modem chip for Apple. Kuo speculates that Global star, a Louisiana-based company, and the company may be collaborating with Apple on this. At the same time, Kuo has no further information on how Apple is going to operate this technology.

Apple Insider says no.

Apple Insider published the news, which included the opinions of many experts in the field. The report quotes Sascha Segan of PCMag.com as saying why Qualcomm and Global Star built the custom chip, which also suggests that it has satellite communication capabilities. He argues that Apple may be trying to improve 5G connectivity by including more satellite bands.

The B53 / N53 is supported by Qualcomm’s X65 modem. He also says that the X60 chip that is said to be in the iPhone does not have that capability. However, Apple does not rule out the possibility of using B53 / N53 technologies with the X60 Chupp.

Will Apple buy into the anger of telecom companies?

There is no evidence that the new technology will be used to communicate with satellites. Instead, Segan speculates that Global star may be trying to improve LTE connectivity. Another security expert, Robert Graham, says the iPhone 13 models include a downline satellite communication channel ranging from 2.4835 GHz to 2.4950 GHz band. But it also says it does not support phone-to-satellite communication. Economist Anpanman points to another aspect of this. He argues that existing telecom companies in different countries will not encourage the use of satellite communication systems. This is because as satellite systems become more important, their chances of making a profit will decrease.

What is a satellite phone?

Mobile phones, also known as satellite phones and satellite telephones, communicate directly with satellites without relying on mobile towers or Wi-Fi. They can send voice calls and text messages and use the Internet as they normally would from a telecom service provider. They also have the advantage of not having cell towers. International dialing code is required to make these calls.

Why is India banned?

It is banned in India because terrorists and criminals can share ideas without the knowledge of the government. If you use a satellite phone, you are violating Section 4 of the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 (https://trai.gov.in/about-us/acts-policies/indian-wireless-telegraphy-act-1933). Those arriving with satellite phones from abroad must obtain a license from the authorities before using them. Otherwise, they may be arrested or punished. Meanwhile, reports say that soldiers are using satellite phones. India has banned calls from telecom operators because it is not easy to track satellite calls if they leave any evidence.

Did the terrorists stop using it?

Satellite phone calls may have been stopped by terrorists. But at a time when encrypted apps are readily available, criminals and others may be wondering why they have such a phone.

Is India the only country banned?

Going to China with a satellite phone is a crime. China has banned all types of GPS services without the knowledge of the government. Countries such as Cuba, Russia, Morocco, Myanmar and Bangladesh have all or partially banned the use of satellite phones. If Apple were to bring the actual satellite phone system to the iPhones, they would sell them in a way that would not be usable in the countries where they are currently banned.

Is satellite phone service that good?

It is reported that their performance inside buildings and other places is poor. At the same time, if there is no other way to call in case of any trekking or loneliness, satellite phones will come to the aid of the common people. Perhaps it would be of great benefit if Apple brought this feature to call in such a situation.

The future.

In the future, satellite communication systems may improve in every way. Being able to adjust them in a way that governments can track does not have to be a big challenge. Satellite communication will also put an end to the deployment of cables and towers across the country.

iPhone 13 series is rumored, will have satellite phone system? Report saying…….

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