Instagram challenges you to be candid with this BeReal-inspired feature: Here’s how | Digit

Instagram challenges you to be candid with this BeReal-inspired feature: Here’s how | Digit
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Instagram is working on the BeReal-inspired IG Candid Challenges feature. We have the leaked screenshots of the feature in action. Let’s see how IG Candid Challenges and BeReal work and how similar they are.

The French app BeReal has been lately trending on the app charts and showing some potential to be the next big social media app. But as it happens with many startups with novel ideas, the big tech giants often either snap them up or ape the unique value proposition of the said startup.

Well, in BeReal’s case, it’s Instagram that seems to have copied a feature right out of the former’s playbook. Instagram reportedly calls this upcoming feature ‘IG Candid Challenges’.

Here’s how IG Candid Challenges are likely to work


So first, as reported by the notable mobile developer and tipster Alessandro Paluzzi, the IG Candid Challenges by Instagram will invite you to add others’ IG Candid to your stories. Thereafter, every day at a different time, you will be notified to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes. That short-duration timer is what makes the uploads/posts to be raw and real.

An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed to Engadget that the feature is in the prototype stage.

So, it is official that the Meta-brand is copying a feature that’s the standout aspect of the BeReal app. 

Here’s how the BeReal app works



BeReal boasts to be not another social media app and it does so by asking you to “share once a day your real life in photo with friends”. That’s probably going to be photos without filters due to the time limitation and hence more authentic.

Every day at a different time, you and all BeReal users are notified simultaneously that it’s “time to Be Real.” 

As soon as you open the app, the countdown to capture and share a Photo in 2 Minutes begin.

When you click, the app takes photos from both the front and back camera.

So, even if it’s mostly what you were doing at the moment, that’s ought to be more real than the planned and plotted 9-grid profile, long feed, Reels, and Stories you post on Instagram.

But, this should give you an idea of how similar to BeReal, the new Instagram feature is likely going to be. Let’s see if it really is when IG Candid Challenges rolls out.

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