To prevent the smartphone from exploding
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How to prevent the smartphone from exploding, some things you need to know.

To prevent the smartphone from exploding. A few days ago, an Alaska Airlines flight caught fire with its smartphone, forcing the evacuation of 128 passengers and six crew members. The owner of the phone says that he was using a Samsung A21 handset. There are many reports of phone blasts in India as well. There is a lot of real and fake news coming out about the phone explosion. Not only phones, but also laptops and similar devices can catch fire or explode.

Samsung and Apple devices.

In 2019, Apple recalled a bunch of MacBook Pros due to a battery issue. These were banned from boarding aircraft by the US Federal Aviation Administration. However, a report published by LinkedIn states that most companies are still unable to resolve issues related to lithium-ion batteries. Another big event was the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This phone was also banned from boarding aircraft by many countries. Samsung has revealed that the phone exploded due to incorrect positioning of the negative electrodes on the phone. The welding inside the phone was not working properly. This caused a short circuit. It is also noteworthy that both these products were in the premium category.

Problems from the beginning.

And don’t think that this problem is related to modern smartphones anymore. In 1999, there was a debate in the United States whether it was safe to use mobile phones in certain industries. In addition, cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have banned the use of mobile phones at petrol pumps. Phone use is generally safe, but can lead to problems if left unattended. These days, phones with a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh and above are coming down. In addition, fast charging has become a trend. Experts warn that the use of phones and chargers these days requires extreme caution. Here are some tips to help you avoid phone explosions:

Do not use if the phone is damaged.

If you suspect that the phone has fallen down or has other problems, check it with the company’s authorized service center as soon as possible. If there are cracks anywhere, water can seep through them. Accidents can happen when you are not swimming. Using such phones is problematic.

Go to an authorized service center.

If there is a problem with the phone, it is best to take it to a service center approved by the company that made the phone. Contacting local technicians can save time and money, but other problems may arise later. Many companies are eliminating the possibility of repairing locally.

Use of chargers.

Use the same charger that came with the phone, or the company that made the phone, introduced it for that model. The fast charging capabilities of each phone’s battery will be different. Therefore, using an unsupported Quick Charger to charge the phone faster can sometimes be a problem. Also make sure that duplicate chargers are not used.

Buy the company’s battery itself.

If you need to replace the battery, buy the company-made battery for your model. Fake batteries can cause more problems. Counterfeit batteries built without standards can overheat, catch fire and explode.

Do not use when the phone is overheated.

If the phone feels unusually hot during charging, it is safe to disconnect it from the charger and replace it.

Use powerbanks in cars.

When traveling in cars and other vehicles, it would be beneficial to use powerbanks issued by good companies instead of chargers in vehicles. Charging accessories attached to cars may not be compatible with your phone.

Do not charge longer.

Phone charge may not reach 100%. It is advisable to stop at 90 percent. Samsung now offers the option of not charging the maximum capacity of the battery in the battery settings. This may be different for each model. Check the phone’s battery settings in detail. It is said that sometimes the battery will swell even if there is an auto cut off if it is charged all night. Is it dangerous.

Do not charge in the sun.

Do not leave the phone charged in direct sunlight through windows or doors. It is not a good idea to leave the phone in the sun even if it is not charging.

Do not put pressure on the phone.

When charging, make sure that you do not place heavy objects on top of the phone, even if it is accidental.

Punch directly into sword chargers.

It is also argued that charging with some power strips or extension boards is not safe. To prevent the smartphone from exploding

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