How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide | Digit

How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos: A Step-By-Step Guide | Digit
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Here is how to download WhatsApp status videos from your friends and family.

WhatsApp is no longer just about texting. Additional features such as WhatsApp status and profile pictures are also important to users. Putting stories on WhatsApp is becoming popular, just like Instagram and Facebook stories. One recurring issue which WhatsApp users regularly face is the ability to get the video uploaded by their friends and family. You can screenshot an image, but the same can’t be said for WhatsApp video statuses. 

WhatsApp Status videos are usually stored on your smartphone and are automatically deleted after 24 hours. However, there is a way to save these videos to your phone without using a third-party app.

To begin, ensure that your device has a Files Manager app. If that isn’t available, you can get one from the Play Store. Make certain it comes from a reliable source. ‘Files by Google’ is a Google app that will also function in this situation.

Download WhatsApp Status using Google Files

1. Download Google Files from the Play Store

2. On the far right of the screen, you will find the menu, click on it.

3. Go to settings and give permission to ‘Show Hidden Files’.

4. Head over to your device’s File Manager and then to Internal Storage>WhatsApp>Media>Status.

5. In this folder, you can view all the stories that you might have previously seen.

6. Click on the media you want to save.

7. After you click on it, long pressing will give you several choices on the location to save the media, like Camera, WhatsApp Images and Downloads. 

Download WhatsApp Status using Third-Party Apps

The use of an alternative third-party application to download WhatsApp statuses like Status Server can come in handy. 

1. Download Status Server from the PlayStore.

2. You can see all the statuses you have seen on the app.

3. Click on the media that you want to save and click the Save button.

4. The saved image/video will be found in the internal storage of the device. 

5. All stored statuses will be available from the app. If you need to get to the folder quickly, open your File Manager app and navigate to Internal storage > Status Saver.

These steps may differ depending on the Android device. In most cases, the WhatsApp media folder will show up simply by opening the File manager.

These methods will not apply to iOS users. Because of iOS’s security, the operating system does not have access to WhatsApp files or apps like Status Saver. As a result, to capture any video or image, you must use the native screen recorder or screenshot tools.

You can obtain the stored photos and videos from internal memory if you want to start sharing the media like your own status. To protect the privacy of others, it is recommended that you obtain permission before downloading someone’s status.

Download WhatsApp Status using Third-Party Apps

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