Google Maps Street View Is Now Available In India: How To Use It | Digit

Google Maps Street View Is Now Available In India: How To Use It | Digit
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What Is Street View On Google Maps?

Google Maps Street View shows a 3D virtual representation of streets and other geographical regions using millions of interactive panoramic images. 

Google is opening up the Street View API to local developers so that they can have “richer mapping experiences within their apps and services”.

The company has sourced the map data from local partners — Genesys International and Tech Mahindra.

You can use Street View in Google Maps, the Street View gallery, as well as the Street View app. 

What Are The Indian Cities Supported By Street View On Google Maps?

1. Delhi

2. Mumbai

3. Chennai

4. Hyderabad

5. Bengaluru

6. Pune

7. Nashik

8. Vadodara

9. Amritsar

10 Ahmednagar

Google says by the end of this year, Street View will support more than 50 cities in the country.

How To Use Street View On Google Maps In India?

1. Open Google Maps

2. Search for a place you want to try Street View on. 

3. Zoom into a road or street in any of these target cities.

4. Tap and hold the area you want to see in Street View. This drops a pin. 

5. Click on the photo labeled with Street View icon.


Use Of Street View On ​​Google Maps

You can use Street View on Google Maps to search for the local cafes, landmarks, natural wonders, trending places, and sites of cultural importance, and check out the local neighborhood. Besides being more visually detailed and immersive, you will get more accurate knowledge of the place. You will get an idea of being in that place, right from your phone or computer.

This will benefit businesses in their sales and marketing, and local authorities will be able to address issues and challenges in their region.

Use Of Street View On ​​Google Maps

What do Google’s partners have to say about Street View on Maps?

Birendra Sen, Business Head, Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra: “Technology is not just the backbone of the global economy, but is also a strategic tool which can turn insights into solutions, uncover trends and predictions, and transform businesses in a sustainable manner. Today, there is an increasing need for technologies that turn insights from GIS (Geographic Information Systems) into ready products that can be utilized by customers. The GIS industry has only grown manifold with time, owing to increased data availability and the development of smart cities all over the world. In line with this, our partnership with Google is another step toward delivering high-quality and immersive mapping experiences to the people of India.”

Sajid Malik, Managing Director of Genesys International: “We were the first Indian firm to perform street imaging of all major cities in India. Our fleet is still swiftly photographing Indian cities, bringing to life our city’s amazing tapestry of streets and landmarks and allowing us to comfortably visit our old neighbourhoods or plan our trips. Google Maps has always been at the forefront of geospatial technology, and we are honoured to be an enabler of their efforts by offering the best technology to India and its people. We are delighted to be a part of the Google Street View programme, and we feel that our partnership will go a long way towards offering the most helpful and engaging mapping experience for people and customers across India.”

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