Alexa Eco Show, A baby TV at home Smart speaker with screen

Alexa Eco Show
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Alexa Eco Show,

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It has been a long time since Alexa eco show became a virtual helper at home. All you have to do is tell Alexa to let the babies sleep, sing and turn off the lights. We moved from the Alex device called Echo Dot to the Alexa with the screen. Alexa Eco Show is a smart speaker with screen model.

Smart speaker with screen,

All the Echo Dot models were smart speakers. Alexa can only be controlled by voice. But the Eco Show has an 8-inch HD screen attached to it. Make things easier. You can now control Alexa via the touchscreen as well. The screen resolution is 1280 x 800p.

An interesting option is to display the lyrics as if they were on a teleprompter while listening to music. The complaint is that the touchscreen response is a bit low.


The Alexa Eco Show is reminiscent of the old CRT television. Front display. Speakers on the back. Three buttons at the top of the screen. Two for noise control. There is a third button to turn off the mic and camera.


The camera on the Alexa Eco Show is 1 megapixel. This camera is not for taking pictures or videos. But for video calling and surveillance purposes. Therefore, do not expect any great performance from this camera. There is a button to close the lens. This button is provided for privacy reasons. You can monitor the camera footage of the Echo Show from anywhere through the Alexa app (the name of the technology is Home Monitoring). This means you do not need a surveillance camera system to monitor your home or office. But it’s just that the scenes can’t be saved.


Echo Show (fire OS is a fire operating system found on Amazon Fire TVs and tablets. Android variant. The processor is MediaTek MT8163. The Echo Show only offers relatively non-dynamic performances (with the introduction of smartphones, the Echo Show response seems to be so lag – naturally)


The Eco Show has two 2.0-inch neodymium speakers. It is louder than the Eco dot models. If you have compatible Eco dot models, you can turn them into Echo Show subwoofers. It also has a 3.5mm audio output. The phone can be connected to Bluetooth but can only play audio.

Alexa Performance.

Noise control is very important in Echo Show. Let us announce one thing. You can make a video call to Echo Show through the Alexa app. If you have smart devices at home like other Alexa devices you can control them. The Alexa app helps us to display our favorite photo on display. As there is no storage facility, this photo will be uploaded through the cloud and displayed on the eco show. Watch news channels. It’s a good feature to watch videos on Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube with good sound effects. You can watch movies better than you can watch on a smartphone.


The menu of the Eco Show is like the notification bar on the phone. You can touch all the essentials by scrolling down. This is the home button. Suffice it to say Alexa Home. Let us decide what content we want on the home screen. In short, the Alexa Eco Show will be accompanied by a smart speaker and baby TV at home.

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