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Gmail is the most popular email client out there. It’s trove of features is partly a reason for its popularity. Now, that’s going to increase with the new Material UI 3 design. Besides the UI facelift, later this year, Gmail will get better for tablet users, support for emoji will improve, and more accessibility features will be added. So no matter how much you use Gmail, there may be a feature or two you don’t know about.

Here are 5 Gmail features you may not know about

1. Undo send

Did you know that if you act fast enough, you can take back emails you’ve already sent? If you’ve been paying attention when you send emails, you may have seen the big “Undo” button in the list of messages you sent.

Well, it shouldn’t be surprising that this feature keeps your email from going out. The hidden feature is that you can set how long that button will stay before it disappears, and you can no longer read the message.

2. Put Dots in Your Email Address

Many email addresses always have a full stop at the end, but did you know that Gmail doesn’t read full stops in your email address?

As far as Gmail is concerned, that’s the same as g.m.ail.enth.usi.a.st@gmail.com and gmailenthusiast@gmail.com.

What does this mean, then? In reality, you have more email addresses than you might think. For example, if you wanted to sign up for a free trial, you could use any of the above versions, and they would all work.

This also means that you’ll still get the message even if someone types in your email address with too many or too few dots.

3. Snooze Button

This feature isn’t as hard to find as others on this list, but it is still criminally underused.

Snoozing emails is a feature of Gmail for people who like to put things off or are too busy to check their email as soon as it comes in.

When you “snooze” an email, Gmail takes it out of your inbox and puts it elsewhere until later. You can decide when it will return when you choose to snooze it.

This lets you clear out your inbox without worrying about what’s in the emails you’re getting rid of.

4. Gmail has a Preview Panel

When you turn on Reading Pane, your inbox is divided into two parts. On one side, your list of emails will be shown; on the other, the email you clicked on will be shown. You can also choose where the Reading Pane will show up. It can be to the right of or under the inbox.

Yes, the reading pane in Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to move quickly through emails, but Gmail has the same feature.

To turn it on, go to Gmail Labs and click the “Cog” button, then “Settings,” “Labs,” “Preview Pane,” “Enable,” and “Save Changes.”

5. Turn off group emails to avoid getting distracted

All of us have been there. When an email is sent to the whole group, everyone keeps hitting “Reply All,” which keeps your inbox buzzing. You need to deal with notifications that pull you away from your work, and Gmail can help.

You can mute an email thread if you want to read these emails later but don’t want to be bothered by the constant back-and-forth. Just open the message, click “More” in the top bar, and choose “Mute.” That’s all there is to it.

You’ll now get every new message in this conversation, but you won’t get any alerts about it. Ah, mental peace.

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