Preview for voice messages whatsapp new feature

Preview for voice messages, WhatsApp introduced the killer feature.

Voice Message is one of the most useful feature in the popular messaging app WhatsApp. There are very few WhatsApp users today who do not use this feature of WhatsApp. That is why every change that WhatsApp makes in this popular feature is welcomed by both WhatsApp users. The latest feature to increase playback speed has been quite successful.

Now WhatsApp has officially released a feature that is predicted to come soon. WhatsApp introduced this feature in an interesting video published through their Twitter account. That is, after recording a voice message, you can preview it. After that it is enough to send it only if you are completely satisfied.

According to tech sources, this feature will help you to send voice messages faster and avoid getting bogged down in it. At the same time, it is noteworthy that this feature has not yet reached the messenger and Instagram of WhatsApp model company Meta. This feature may be available to all WhatsApp users with the next update.

At the same time, the WhatsApp beta info (WA Beta info), which predicts upcoming features in WhatsApp, has revealed a new feature. From now on, voice messages received on WhatsApp will be in wave form. It will be like the modulation of the sound received. Many of Meta’s Messenger apps, which already own WhatsApp, are getting this feature. The new feature will be similar to this.

At the same time, some Android and iOS users have already started getting this feature on a trial basis. The beta info report says that voice messages will not be the usual waveform and will have a more colorful interface. Preview for voice messages…

At the same time, WhatsApp is also developing a feature that responds directly to voice messages and emoji. This feature already exists in Instagram Direct Message and Messenger. The hint is that this will be the same in WhatsApp. Preview for voice messages….

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