Huawei smart helmets

Huawei launches smart helmet, for bikers, price with RS 9,000.

Huawei smart helmets. Leading Chinese tech company Huawei has launched a new smart product. Huawei has introduced a smart helmet that can be used by two-wheelers. The smart helmet comes with various features like Bluetooth calling and voice commands.

The ‘Helmet Phone BH51M Neo’ runs on Huawei’s own Harmony OS. According to reports, the smart helmet is currently being distributed in China via Huawei V Mall. The price is 799 yuan (approximately 9000 rupees).

The smart helmet supports the Harmony OS Connect ecosystem. You can connect the helmet to your smartphone via this OS. It also enables Bluetooth voice calling. In addition to protecting the user from accidents, there is much other assistance available from the helmet. LED lights can also be seen on the front and back of the helmet.

Huawei recently revealed that there are more than 150 million devices currently running on Harmony OS. The company claims that it has become the fastest growing OS in history.

Harmony OS is Huawei’s own operating system to replace Google’s Android. In China, the OS is known as Hongmeng OS. The Android-based alternative OS was unveiled at the Huawei Developer Conference in August 2019. In June 2019, Huawei lost Google’s Android license following the Trump administration’s decision to ban US companies from doing business with Chinese telecommunications companies.

In addition to smartphones, Harmony is an operating system that can run on smart TVs, smart cars, and devices on the Internet of Things (IOT) network. As it is a microkernel based OS, it will work equally on all devices. This means that the phone, TV and smartwatch do not require special OS versions.

Huawei smart helmets launches, for bikers. The price is 799 yuan (approximately 9000 rupees).

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