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Xiaomi smartphone become rank no1 in global android 5G market.

Xiaomi smartphone. All the Chinese companies are making huge strides in the international smartphone market. Chinese brands are now number one in all areas where Samsung and Apple used to advance. In the second quarter ending in June, Chinese company Xiaomi topped the global 5G smartphone market. Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, is the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the world.

Samsung has sold 1.56 crore units of 5G smartphones running the Android operating system. According to Market Research Strategy Analytics, Samsung had a 16.5 percent market share in the 5G segment during April-June. Mobile network not available

However, the number one Chinese company, Xiaomi, has a 25.7 percent share of the 5G market. Vivo came in second with 18.5 per cent stake in Vivo. Oppo is third with 17.9%. The global Android 5G smartphone market grew by 104 per cent to 9.46 crore units in the second quarter.

Samsung has been the second-largest seller of 5G smartphones since the first quarter of 2019. Samsung is the world’s first distributor of 5G smartphones. Since the first quarter of 2019, Samsung has sold 7.65 crore Android 5G smartphones. Meanwhile, Huawei’s 5G phone sales reached 9.52 crore units.

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