WhatsApp Feature, send a text message without typing

How to send a text message without typing in WhatsApp; Thus the easy way

People who are worried about typing in WhatsApp text message, can now send messages without having to do it. For that, you need to activate the Assistant option on the phone. Then simply ask the virtual assistant to send you messages. Google Assistant can be used to send messages to Android smartphone users. IOS users can also use Siri. This is a convenient way to send messages when you are busy or can not type a message.

You can now ask digital assistants to read the messages. But the virtual assistant needs some permission to do this job. This only works if the assistant has access to the phone’s notifications. To do this, you need to give access to the Google app to listen to Google messages, calendar events and other important information. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

If you want to send messages on WhatsApp without typing, do the following to activate the help of Google Assistant:

Step 1:

First, say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’. If this is not possible, then you need to install the Google Assistant app on your smartphone. On an Android phone or tablet, just press and hold the Home button to activate Google Assistant.

Step 2:

Once installed, tap on the ‘Open’ button and say ‘Hey Google’.

Step 3:

After that, the digital assistant will start responding. Then you can say send a WhatsApp message. You must specify the name of the contact you want to send the message to.

Step 4:

Google Assistant will ask you what you want to indicate in the message.

Step 5:

The virtual assistant will type the message and display it. The assistant will tell you that you are ready to send the message. Then you need to say ‘OK, send’. Your message will then be forwarded.

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