Now Android apps can run on Windows 11

Now Android apps can run on Windows 11 as well, how?

Last week, Microsoft announced that, Now, Android apps can run on Windows 11 as well. It is now clear how this is possible and who is helping the company in this regard. Microsoft is not the only one doing this. Along with Microsoft, there are also companies like Intel and Amazon. What is the role of these companies? Is there any benefit in being able to use smartphone apps on a computer? Getting rid of popular smartphone apps within the confines of the small screen can only be a start. This may open up a whole new area of ​​comfort for content creators and content viewers.

IOS apps can be used on Mac.

The news that iOS apps could run on Mac devices made with Apple’s M1 chips must have prompted Microsoft to explore new possibilities. Eliminating the boundaries between computing devices is a good thing for users. If implemented, it will be one of the biggest changes in the tech sector.

The role of Intel.

Intel is the chipmaker that helps Android apps can run on Windows 11 computers the most. It will take advantage of a service called ‘Intel bridge’. Intel says it will use this to run compatible with computer hardware. Intel’s blog post explains that Intel and Microsoft have long tried to provide the best user experience (through operating system, system architecture, and hardware integration). Both companies claim that people will now get the same experience that they get from smartphone apps through ‘Windows 11, Intel Technologies’. Gregory Bryant, Intel’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Client Computing Group;

So what does Intel bridge do?

Intel bridge works as a compiler. I.e. addition or integration. The compiler converts software written in one programming language into another. A compiler is coming to Windows using Intel bridge. Intel will deliver programs written for Android to Windows and Windows devices running the x86 processor. For Android apps to work on Windows, they need to recognize a variety of hardware. Intel Bridge will be the intermediary that will help.

Amazon App Store.

However, the question arises whether this alone is enough to run Android apps on Windows 11. Microsoft says that apps will work with the same naturalness that runs on Android. The company also said that these can be downloaded from the new Windows Store. But the company does not rely on Google’s Play Store for that. Instead, it’s Amazon’s App Store. The Amazon App Store is one of the most important apps on Android. The Microsoft demo highlights the TikTok Toe app running on a computer. (However, Microsoft later said in a statement that it would allow side-loading of unwanted Android apps, but security experts warn that this is a risky approach and should not be used by ordinary users).

Is this just the beginning?

Google will not be able to digest the fact that people are starting to use Android apps on Windows computers. This is because if they get a lot of users, in the future the makers of these apps may write programs for Windows that will challenge the company in terms of revenue and users. Those who list apps on the Google Play Store have to pay up to 30 percent of their revenue. However, Microsoft has announced that developers of apps that reach users through the App Store will not pay anything out of the proceeds. Many of Microsoft’s projects have a history of failure. Within a year of the arrival of Windows 11, it may be known whether the new move will make history in computing or go unnoticed.

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