ZEB-Fit 4220CH smartwatch

Zebronics smartwatch ZEB-Fit 4220CH with calling function & fitness check

You do not have to look at the watch to know the time. But let’s watch the watch to see if it is healthy. ( ZEB-Fit 4220CH ) Now the watch is what our fitness ‘watches’. Each new model from each company comes with a sensor that measures each new thing. At first, fitness bands and watches did not work to measure blood oxygen. Now, perhaps because of the Covid-19 period, it has become one of the main functions.

The fitness watch currently on the market is the ZEB-Fit 4220CH. Not only oxygen and heart rate, but also blood pressure (BP) is measured. Although the company says it is not for medical purposes, we can take the reading as an indication. It is easy to track the trend or pattern of all these as it is integrated with the app on the phone. It also has the normal rate of each.

The construction is at IP67 level to prevent the work from stopping even if water falls. There are 7 sports modes – walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football. In addition, the step will be measured. Calorie measured. Distance will be measured. See if you need enough sleep.

If you connect to the phone via Bluetooth, you will get calls, SMS, contact list and dial pad. With a speaker and a mic, you can talk through the watch itself. Listen to the conversation. Listen to the song. Music control will also take place. It can also operate the camera on the phone in case of a fight. Supports Android and iOS.

The premium designed ZEB-Fit 4220CH weighs 60 grams. It has a touchscreen and 2 buttons. Is the silicone strap. The 220 mAh battery will provide a charge for long-term use. We have over a hundred watches to choose from. The current offer price of Zebronics smartwatch, ZEB-Fit 4220CH is Rs 3,199 only in one of the leading online store.

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