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Windows 11 arrives with many innovations! Who gets the free upgrade?

Introducing an updated version of Windows, the world’s most widely used computer operating system. Known as the OS that has undergone the most changes in the last six years and is one of the most important updates in history, Windows 11 has been named. It is safe to say that the new OS was built with the changes of the smartphone age and with excitement from Apple’s macOS. Check out the 11 features of Windows 11 that will soon be coming to your PCs, laptops and tabs.

One of the major changes is the new ‘Start Menu’. The ‘Start Button’ has also been updated. Both of these have been moved to the center of the taskbar.

Live Tiles’ is another important feature. This will allow you to quickly return to the app you were using. One of these was introduced in Windows 8, but was withdrawn due to criticism. It’s reminiscent of the launcher on Chrome OS and Android, but the macOS version can also be found here. The importance given to the circular shape cannot be overlooked. The light and dark modes in Windows 11 are more comforting to the eyes than they currently are.

Snap Layouts’ is one of the new features. Apps can be switched to multiple OS-supported modes. It also has a snap group layout. This is to find out where the apps are stored. This is especially useful when using multiple displays. It is also claimed to excel in performance. Software updates sent to Windows 11 can be up to 40 percent smaller and more efficient. As long as the updates take place in the background.

The attempt to make the video calling app Microsoft Teams an integral part of Windows is also evident. It has been brought in a way that is beneficial to business users as well as the average consumer. There will also be teams in the taskbar itself.

The other two additional features are ‘Windows Widgets’ and ‘Touch Gestures’. These will take advantage of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to give you feedback on your interests. It includes news, weather and map. It is also rumored to be a way for local content creators to make money.

Gestures and touch are more important. Windows is also being upgraded to be a more useful tool with touch and pen. Touching can be experienced with certain types of pens.

Another feature is voice typing. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed name-calling, this can be a great way to get the word out on your laptop. GIFs can be customized on the keypad. This is something reminiscent of a smartphone keypad.

Another important feature is the care for gamers. Auto HDR will be one of the features of the Windows 11 package. This will create a better visual appearance for games and more. But, as with many other features, you need supported hardware. This can only be utilized if there is a monitor that supports Auto HDR. Windows also includes the Xbox Game Pass. This will be through the Xbox app. Sync with Excel Cloud is also underway. I hope streaming games from the Microsoft cloud will be much easier.

Smartphone apps can run on Windows! The Microsoft Store also has changes. Microsoft has decided to give access to the store to many popular apps that are not currently available in the Windows Store. Many apps like Instagram and TikTok are expected to hit the Microsoft Store. One of the biggest controversies in the technology industry right now is about the money Apple and Google are illegally embezzling from their stores, and both companies are taking up to 30 percent of the app developers’ revenue.

They have informed that they have not received any money from the app developers. This may excite app developers. I think the idea of ​​Satya Nadella’s Microsoft, not Microsoft, of former bosses Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, may have prompted him to think this way.

Compatible hardware is also required to take advantage of all the features. Keep in mind that you will be buying more smart PCs and laptops in the coming years. Microsoft is not disappointing many existing Windows users.

Will you get that?

Not sure if Windows 11 is for me. But it is expected to be available for download in August. Newer laptops running Windows 11 may also be launched at this time.

Who will upgrade?

Microsoft intends to upgrade almost all computers. The first indications are that Windows 11 can be installed if your Windows machine has at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and a 64-bit processor.

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