Apple crowns smartphone photography again! You know what Pro is.

iPhone pro RAW. Years ago, the iPhone was number one in smartphone photography. But companies from the Huawei – Laika alliance and Xiaomi have even come up with or even moved ahead with Apple. However, Pro RAW, which was introduced with iOS 14.3 a few months ago, has once again taken the iPhone to another level in terms of camera performance. Apple calls it the Pro, but it’s technically a DNG file. RAW (RAW) is a file format available on smaller cameras. The Pro is a modified version of RAW.

What is RAW?

For those who don’t know, let’s get to what Pro is after explaining what RAW is. Normally, pictures are taken in the JPG category. Images taken on many point-and-shoot cameras, mostly smartphones, come in the JPG category. JPG and Hayek are processed files. In other words, the processors in cameras or smartphones are files that incorporate many of these, such as color, white balance, and exposure. These can be edited later using any photo editing software, but it has its limitations. However, if you take photos in raw file format, they will be more flexible. This is not a photo in raw format. But only sensor data. Their continued life depends on which editing software it opens. In editing, JPG is seen as a destructive format.

At the same time, RAW images will remain intact even if they are converted from RAW to a file format such as a JPG, TIFF or DNG. (If editing is done by taking a copy of the JPG images, the original can be stored for a while without any problems). The advantage of the JPG format is that it has a smaller file size. The Hague will be smaller than the JPG. But Raw will have a lot of size. For example, a raw image from a 12MP sensor can be up to 12MB or higher.

It would have been acceptable to take pictures at JPG when storage drivers were more expensive. Another advantage of them was that they can be shared directly on Instagram and so on. Since RAW is sensor data, each model camera receives different types of RAW images. If you want to share raw images, most of them have to be edited and converted to JPG or something. Those who said it was extra work also put JPG on enough.

What is Pro Raw?

RAW is sensor data. So what about Pro? Most smartphones use various computational photography techniques. For example, Apple’s Deep Fusion. These are made by combining several photos. Raw files are created by including layers of computational techniques in Pro. It is hoped that these layers will also be used properly during editing. Although no current editing software is available for this, it is expected that future versions will be modified to exploit Pro’s excellence.

Things Pro should know

The Pro was mentioned when the iPhone 12 series was unveiled. But we were told to wait for that feature. That is what is now provided in iOS 14.3. Raw images could be copied on iPhones for years. But it was all through third-party camera apps.

Currently, only the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models are supported by the Pro format. The rest of the iPhone 12 series does not have a Pro, just a RAW. The Pro has a range of approximately 12 stops dynamic. While the standard RAW 12MB files are provided, the Pro files are about 25MB in size. Technically, Apple has not created a new file format called Pro. Rather, it is the DNG format itself. A normal Raw file can shoot in 50 milliseconds. But it takes about 2-3 seconds to save a Pro file.

However, this is obscured by the muscle power of the iPhone Pro models. That said, even if you copy a pro, you can take a second shot right away. It’s just that the save process of the first file is running backwards. But after taking three pro pictures in a row, the shutter can’t be pressed. It is understood that the shooting can continue only after a few seconds after saving the pictures taken. Best (with lots of pictures put together) with ProRaw, says no one should care about anything in the near future.

Is it possible to make masterpieces with Proraw if you take all these headaches?

That would be like a photographer’s ability. In any case, ProRaw files will give better photos to smartphone shooters who are familiar with post-processing, that is, compared to other smartphones. It’s just that you may have to sit down and work after the photo is taken. Pro shooters may be able to capture or enhance images that are compatible with any existing smartphone camera. He is expected to excel in night shooting as well.

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