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Is it time to switch video recording to 8K? Some things to know.

The Canon R5 quickly created the illusion of 8K video shooting in ordinary shooters. Then Sony dropped their A1 camera. In response, Canon is preparing to launch its R3. Nikon has announced that it will be making 8K video shooting possible with the Z9, currently under construction. Then comes the era of 8K video. Of course, there will be videos with a resolution of 8K and above. But the question now is whether videographers should start shooting at 8K already. There are many benefits to doing so, but many problems can arise. Let’s check some.


It is always best to shoot high resolution video. This allows for video cropping and zooming. Clips that were shaken during the shooting can be slightly improved by post-processing. When shooting at 8K, it is possible to capture sharper, better, more detailed video. I remember hearing the same thing when it came to 4K resolution after full HD resolution. Today, however, the size of TVs and monitors has increased. Many are 4K. Then many may ask for higher resolution content. Consumers may soon say that clients want 8K video, as many now say they want 4K, not full HD. Additionally, shooting an 8K video will take you to the next stage of video shooting. This is also the time when many people want vertical video. If you want the client to have a vertical video after you shoot, you can try cropping 8K to create a vertical video. Experts say the new resolution is likely to bring many visual effects as well.

In addition to this, after shooting at 8K, it is said that better video can be obtained by converting the resolution to low 4K via sampling technique. You can see that the 8K is able to provide a better experience with the larger sized, higher resolution TV screens. The broadcast industry is also slowly making inroads into 8K shooting. Once you watch an 8K video on an 8K screen, you will never forget it. The difference between the two is obvious. Cameras like Sony’s A1 and Canon’s upcoming R3 can shoot 30 stills per second. This will be a great resolution for videos made together. But to see the full magic of it, you need an 8K screen. In addition to this, you can see that these will be useful in the future by shooting 8K videos. Watching full HD video on an 8K screen can be as frustrating as watching a standard definition video on a full HD screen now.

Why not say 8K now?

Many people still dismiss 8K as just a marketing ploy. There are many reasons for this. First, most people still watch video on maximum full HD screens. Very few people even use a 4K screen. Others still use only HD screens. 8K video does not have any additional effects on these screens. In addition, TVs and monitors with 8K screens are just beginning to arrive and are now affordable. As far as the internet is concerned, there are not many connections that can be played without even buffering 4K, so those who ask what is the use of 8K cannot be blamed.

Lots of money to bring down.

If you decide that 8K video is enough, you will have to spend a lot of money and buy new equipment. Camera and lens alone are not enough. The computer will also have to change. At the time, 8K video from Canon’s R5 could not be played, including on Mac computers. During editing, computers looked hot and sweaty. That means you will have to buy new computers that have a lot of power. Or strike is guaranteed. In addition, there will not be as many clients as 8K requires. If you want to save these huge 8K video files, you will need a lot of hard disks.

So, do you want to shoot 8K video?

Of course, 8K video has its advantages. Professional video shooters may not immediately switch to 8K, but will soon have to. It’s better that YouTubers and other content creators change after waiting a while longer. More powerful computers can be bought without paying the price they currently have to pay. New processors such as Apple’s M1 are poised to take on this challenge.

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