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Clubhouse is recording your conversations, that’s not the worst privacy problem

The careless use of the clubhouse social media platform that has become a wave may cut you off. The attraction of the clubhouse is the live audio rooms. But your involvement and involvement in audio rooms may be recorded by someone else through the screen record option and posted on other platforms. Clubhouse rules state that speaking in each room should not be recorded without the permission of the speakers, but many do not comply.

Even those who went up to find out what was going on in some ‘messy’ rooms that appeared in the clubhouse in recent days were cut off like this. Profile pictures of the entire room were embedded in this video through the ‘speaker’ or even screen recording option in the room. These video clips are widely circulated on YouTube and WhatsApp. Showing pictures and profiles of its listeners in the video along with rude conversations can lead to misunderstandings. Many are also preparing to lodge complaints with the police. Even what is said in private rooms in the belief that it is not being recorded may spread across the country tomorrow.

Presence in rooms related to controversial issues has become a nuisance for many in their workplace. The uniqueness of the clubhouse is that when a person enters a room, that information is notified to those who follow them. In addition, it is clear to those who follow them that the person is in a separate room by looking at the clubhouse feed. There is also a method of taking a screenshot and spreading it to show that a person is participating in certain rooms.

Will the clubhouse record?

The clubhouse records conversations in all rooms for matters including case investigation. If someone raises an issue through the report option while the room is active, that audio will be kept until the query is completed.

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