Pubg Battleground mobile India release on June 18th, Know how to register

Battleground Mobile India, If all goes well, it will return to India on June 18. The launch on June 18 comes a month after India’s pre-registration date. It’s only for Android. It can be downloaded through Google Play Store. The iPhone version will not be available soon. The website says that Krafton is spending more time on the game for the iPhone and will start pre-registration soon.


Pre-registration is the first thing to confirm. Krafton Battlegrounds Mobile India open for Pre-registration from May 18 on the Google Play Store. Pre-registration gives you advance access to the download program, where you can ask the Play Store to download the game automatically on your phone as soon as the game is over. You do not have to visit the Play Store every time to check the availability. Additionally, there are pre-registration rewards when downloading the game. You will receive four rewards credited by Krafton to your Battleground Mobile India account, signed in with the same Google Account you use for the Play Store.

On what phones

It comes with 600 MB on Android. This means that your phone must have at least 600 MB of space to download the game. But, really, you need a lot of space to run the game properly. Your phone must be running Android 5.1 or higher. The RAM of the phone should be at least 2GB, which is present in most phones. The performance of the game will depend on how good the features of your phone are, but a good internet connection is required to run the game.

Parental permission

Battleground Mobile India will require the consent of parents or guardians under the age of 18 years. This can be done by checking the mobile number, but the exact method is not currently available. This may be a one-time password-based test, in which the game requires a mobile number to receive OTP, and you will only gain access after entering the game. In addition, a calling helpline will be set up for parents.

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