It was a streaming success: Indian audience and the world after the break.

OTT – ‘Over the Top’ refers to any streaming service that provides content over the Internet. Over-the-top platforms are content hosting platforms. I.e. audio and video hosting and streaming services. OTT is now widely used in the production and release of feature films, documentaries, web-series and events.

OTT platforms offer a lot of content. Users can open an account on OT services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar and Spotify and access their services over the Internet. Many OTT services operate on a paid subscription basis. Some offer integrated packages that allow users to pay for an ad-free experience.

Over the Top Platforms offer services directly to viewers via the Internet. Those of us who used to serve were destined to see what was being broadcast. It breaks with cable operators, broadcasters, and satellite television platforms that have traditionally been the distributors and controllers of the content available to us. Today we can search for what we like. It is also convenient for viewers to suggest content on OTT platforms using Artificial Intelligence based on previous viewership. Leading OT platforms include Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video. Important OTT platforms charge a monthly subscription fee for premium content that is not available elsewhere. And some content is provided free of charge.

The OT revolution.

OTT Platform itself manufactures and markets premium content in collaboration with experienced production parties. OTT revolutionized the market for content creation, distribution and streaming. Diverse content, endless additions of diverse content, etc. attracted more people. 24×7 availability of great shows and movies, easy-to-navigate interface and more viewers subscribing to the app. The OT sector has restructured the entertainment industry with the potential for easy access to customer-centric and customized content. Premium content, classic shows, originals and blockbuster movies cater to the needs of the audience with user-centric and user-friendly.

Diverse options

The wide variety of options available to consumers and the increased advertising inventory for marketers are attracting many companies to OTT. People are increasingly turning to online media consumption. Marketers make effective use of OTT service platforms to reach them. When viewers use OT services, the ability to display personalized ads is an advantage for marketers in terms of attractive content packages.

Video OTT

The most commonly used by most users is Video OTT. Services like Netflix and Disney Plus Hotstar are video OT services. It provides a licensed library of TV shows and movies and original programming and shares a number of programming options with users.

Audio OTT

Another OT service is audio OTT. Services like Spotify are music streaming. Users can access a large library of recording artists and podcasts via the Internet. Now for the text message! We understand that we are the users of OT service. OTT messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal are frequently used to share information.


What about voice next? Voicemail services are voice messaging using applications such as Skype or WhatsApp. This is also something we use constantly. During the lockdown days during the Covid-19 era, there was a surge of audiences from all over the world to the OT platforms. The highlight was the excellent collection of movies, world-class TV series and web series at home.

IT Act Amendment

The Digital Media Ethics Code 2021 is about to come into force by amending the existing IT Act. The central government is in the process of issuing strong guidelines and regulations for OTT and social media platforms. To this end, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued regulations for OTT platforms and digital media publishers in 2021. Information can be read at

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