How to save money while selecting a smartphone

How to buy a smartphone wisely at a low price?

Of course, the more money you pay, the more ‘better’ the smartphone will be. But how many people know how to use these extra features? How long do these last? How long do these last? For example, suppose you bought the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. When the iPhone 13 Pro Max launches next year, it will definitely look like the best phone ever. That means the glory of an expensive phone lasts for a maximum of one year only. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. But do you have to pay that much for a phone? Often the money you pay comes with a feature you don’t use. With a little care you can see that it can be used for something else without spending too much money on phones.

Not sure what to buy.

If you suddenly decide to buy a phone one day, no matter how much study you do, it will be difficult to decide which model to buy. Most brands claim that all handsets have state-of-the-art features. Phones with better claims, more cameras, more processors, bigger batteries, and a screen with a higher refresh rate are available with every claim. Competitiveness between manufacturing companies is beneficial to the consumer in terms of price and features. But nowadays, there is no big difference between buying any phone for the same price. It will be the same experience.

The first thing to decide is how much money to spend.

The brands claim that more features will be available for every extra Rs 2,000 paid. What if we do not use many of these? Then decide on the amount you intend to spend and stick to it. For example, if you decide to spend Rs 14,000, look at the features on online sites and in the store and make sure you do not spend Rs 28,000.

Make a list of dos and don’ts.

If you use the phone mostly for calling then there is no need to waste time looking for the best of the screen. On the other hand, if you browse a lot, you can consider a phone with a Full HD Plus screen. On the other hand, in the case of gaming, the screen resolution and refresh rate can be considered. On the other hand, in the case of gaming, the screen resolution and refresh rate can be considered. Those who do not play the game on the phone can not justify losing money on refresh rates.

If you do not intend to purchase a wireless charger, you do not have to pay extra for a wireless charging handset. If you do not want a wireless earbud, just select the phone with 3.5mm jack. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Creating a list of required and unwanted features can save you money.

Know in advance what to expect so as not to be disappointed.

You don’t have to buy a Rs 10,000 phones and be disappointed that it doesn’t sit or work like the new iPhone series or Samsung’s Note series. And that various brands have stuffed something into their handsets. They keep saying that it will benefit you through advertisements and so on. When you hear these things over and over again, it seems that things are right. There is nothing to pay attention to.


If phones use the same processors, there is no way to see a big difference in their performance. However, through advertising, companies are trying to convince themselves that they can give their phone extra value. For example, if you use an Android phone, many of them will run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. These will start with the numbers 8, 7, 6, 4 and 2. Of these, 8 show the best processor while 2 shows the lowest power processor. These also affect the performance of the apps to some extent. However, the performance of apps is also affected by RAM, internet speed and software.

Number of cameras.

Another art form that companies are doing is attracting attention by increasing the number of cameras. Often the main camera is the star. Sometimes there is a way to get better portrait lenses and macro lenses. However, the main camera will be useful in almost every situation. In that sense, even a camera is enough. This approach can be seen in phones like the iPhone SE 2020.

Battery life.

Naturally after a while you will not get as much battery back-up as you did in the beginning. On most phones, it starts to show up after six months. After a year, most phones may need to be charged every day. So with the extra mAh battery power you can see that there is no greater meaning than buying a phone.

Luxury show.

Many people pay extra to show the phone to everyone and to show that it is an event in itself. Anyway, most people in this COVID-19 era are not going to be jealous by saying ‘oh that’s a terrible handset’. Therefore, the extra price is likely to be wasted. On the other hand, if you want to buy a better phone when normal life is restored, you can save more money now or buy more useful items for home and so on. Thanks for reading my blog post.

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