Telegram is now the most downloaded app on Google Play Store

WhatsApp, the largest messaging app in the tech world, currently has over 200 million active monthly users globally. However, the number of people leaving WhatsApp has reportedly increased since the announcement of the new privacy policy. With this, the global download of Telegram, another messaging application, has increased sharply. Meanwhile, Facebook has delayed implementing the new law in May for fear of losing users.

In the first month of this year, Telegram became the most downloaded non-gaming app globally. In January alone, more than 6.3 crore people installed telegrams. More than 50 crore people in the world use telegrams every month.

According to the latest figures released by the Censor Tower, India has the highest number of  installations at 24 per cent, followed by Indonesia at 10 per cent. The recent spate of telegram users may have been due to WhatsApp’s controversy over privacy policy. In addition to telegrams, the number of people using signal applications has also increased.

In December, Telegram ranked ninth in terms of downloads on Google Play. It also made the list of the top five downloadable apps in the Apple App Store. Telegram has also entered the list of 10 most downloaded apps in the social messenger category. The messaging app also makes it easy to migrate your chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram. So you will not miss anything important.

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