Canon’s first built artificial intelligence camera – Powershot pick!

Canon first built artificial intelligence camera. Photography is about to change drastically. Smartphones that come with multiple lenses, etc., have almost eliminated the usual point-and-shoot cameras. All this is leading the camera manufacturing companies into a severe crisis. Anyway, the Japanese camera maker Canon is trying to think a little differently. The Powershot Pick is a camera that the company has launched for testing. The company claims that the camera, which is equipped with artificial intelligence, can analyze scenes, identify people and follow faces, and knows when to take a photo.

It is an attempt to attract point and shoot camera seekers. If you use a regular camera or smartphone, there are times when families and other picnics and birthday parties often require the photographer to step aside. In such cases, Canon says, it’s time to look at the excellence of the self-propelled pick. The pick is a great design. Makes it look modern. The pick can also be mounted on tripods. For this, Canon is also trying to offer the Welbon Tripod through a special offer.

Not available for purchase now.

This canon camera is built through crowdfunding. As such, it is not currently available for purchase anywhere else. However, it would be good to know about this camera as Canon or similar cameras may be on sale in the future.


Canon is trying to attract smartphone shooters or point-and-shooters. The camera has a 12MP Seamos sensor measuring 1 / 2.3-inch. The camera has a 19-57mm lens with a sensor. The maximum aperture is f / 2.8. There is an image stabilizer inside the camera. The camera can automatically rotate 170 degrees in both directions. It is only three and a half inches in size.


The camera takes photos in the background as you do each action. Canon says this is good for getting more natural photos. The camera will take you back to memories of a situation. Now if you want to run the camera it can too. Even if the voice commands follow the pick. After saying a hello pic, the camera can be instructed to take a photo, record video, change subject or site capture.

Setup and photo transfer.

Now if you are thinking about how to take pictures taken with this camera to your phone, it is easy too. The company has also launched a smartphone app with Pike for this purpose. This allows you to view photos on your phone. The app will tell you what good pictures are. Or maybe you just want all the pictures. If you want to use the camera, you have to pair it with the phone. Pairing is easy. Then place the pick in a suitable place. Can be put on the table when eating with family. Parties and the like can be parked on a tripod. Pick can be placed on many surfaces.

Even if it works on its own. For those who want more control, the camera can be operated by voice command and via the smartphone app. Those who have paid for it in crowdfunding have to pay less than $400. It is hoped that Canon will make such cameras as it has already attracted a lot of people.

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