Android 12 with coveted innovations,10 things to know

Android 12 with coveted innovations,10 things to know

An updated version of Android 12, the world’s most popular mobile operating system, is on the way. An outline of the innovations that technology giant google is going to bring this year is already available on Android. Those who checked the first developer preview of Android 12 have released hints about the new changes. The most important of them is to make it more transparent how Android users use their data. Google’s move is in line with the latest changes to Apple’s iOS 14.5. Google is trying to give more power to Android users and their privacy through Android 12. Are the new Android features now available on any phone? Some things you may know:

Android 12 available on any handset?

Currently, only the developer preview of Android 12 has been released. If you want to use Developer Preview you need Google’s own handsets that include either the Pixel 3 Series, the Pixel 3a Series, the Pixel 4a Series and the Pixel 5.

Excellent video recording.

One of the key features in the developer preview of Android 12 is the change in video recording. Now if you record video with the best resolution possible for the phone, the storage will be over in a short time. However, HE VC Media Transcoding support will be available on the updated Android. If any app does not support HE VC, it can be automatically converted to a file. In short, even if you record video with high resolution, it will not consume as much storage as you need now.

Better pictures than JPG.

JPG is the most widely used photo file format in the world. The new AV1 file format will come with better compression than the one used. This is called the AV1 file format or AV1F. Google claims that images taken in the new format will have a dramatic improvement over images received so far. This means that the 3MP AV1F will get a better image than the 3MP file size JPG.

Apps that require power will also work more smoothly.

Another change in Android 12 is that it will block the foreground service running from the background. This will make the operation of social media apps and gaming apps much easier.

Improved gesture navigation.

The updated OS comes with the ability to do more with gesture (gestures) navigation. For example, you can navigate through gestures while watching a video or reading a book.

Excellent touch-voice experience.

Apps on the new OS can provide better audio coupled – haptic response with the phone’s vibration function. If you want a video calling app, you can configure who is calling by touching. It also gives a great experience in gaming.

Notification and app opening speed.

Changing the design of the notification is another difference that Google brings. User can change icons and content. Touching on notifications will also speed up the opening of the related app.

More updates through Google Play.

Google is focusing more on the project mainline. It aims to make Google Play System updates easier. Many issues can be fixed immediately with minor updates. Currently, many issues are resolved through full system updates.

High security.

The preview shows an attempt to incorporate higher security into Android 12 to prevent you from being tracked by malware.

More suitable for foldable phones and TVs.

Android 12 will come with more useful changes to the new variant of smartphones, foldable phones. Smart TVs running on Android 12 can also perform better.

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