Get to know phone chargers better, Introduction to phone chargers

You will have the opportunity to charge the smartphone without the chargers that came with the phone. Also, the charger may be damaged. Can I charge the phone with the tablet’s charger? If you look at what Apple did when it introduced the iPhone 12 series this time around, you can see that things are more complicated. Using the chargers that come with the phone so far is a very confident one.

Each company will provide a charger after checking the phone’s battery and the charging technology it incorporates. It’s a warranty of at least one year, and it’s encouraging to have the charger checked. This time, the iPhone 12 series comes with only a lightening cable. Whether you can make a smartphone with any phone charger can be answered as ‘yes’ but you should also know the detailed answer about it. The main specification about the charger is its wattage. It’s a measure of how much energy it sends to your phone. Tabs and laptops usually have higher wattage chargers. This is because they have to be filled with larger batteries. Therefore, it is not possible to charge the phone using the laptop charger.

You need to know how fast your phone’s charge goes from zero to 100, how much wattage charge you get from the charger and how much wattage charge your phone can receive. This can be found by searching for the model number of the phone. For example, the new iPhone can receive a maximum of 20 watts of charge. In other words, if you buy a 20 watt charger that is not sold with the Apple phone, you can charge four times faster than the 5 watt charger that came with the iPhone 11. Here is another thing to note. You can also charge your iPods with this 20 watt charger. However, the 5 watt charger iPods that were previously available were not officially supported.

The same thing applies with laptops when charging. USB-C or Thunderbolt ports on newer MacBook Pros can provide up to 10 watts. That’s twice as good as Apple’s old 5 watt chargers, but not as good as the 20 watt chargers. This is only if the phone is capable of receiving 20 watts of charge. If the phone can accept ten watts, the MacBook Pro and the new charger will charge your phone at the same speed.

What is fast charging?

This is a different game. The OnePlus 8T has a charging capacity of 65 watts. It takes just 30 minutes to reach 100 percent from zero battery. If you ask me if this is good, I have to say that the standard of fast charging is not standardized. Every phone manufacturer makes phones and chargers in their own way. The main difference here is that technology does not have to be used by one company, but used by other companies.

For example, the battery of the OnePlus 8T mentioned above is divided into two equal parts and power is supplied to both at the same time. It also comes with a charger for it. But fast charging may not be possible if any other company organizes a 65 watt charger. It is usually advisable to get chargers that provide maximum power to the phone at a time. The charger that often comes with the phone is also good for fast charging.

Wireless charging.

Here things are different again. Most wireless chargers charge slower than wired chargers. Unlike fast charging, most companies have agreed to use QI charging for wireless charging.

So which charger should I use?

If you use the right charger and quality cable for the phone, the chargers of good companies these days may work without problems. All modern handsets are capable of controlling the inbound charge. Therefore, the battery should not be a problem. Therefore, even with a powerful charger, good phones can work without problems. But it also says not to blindly trust cheap, unbranded chargers.  They may not meet the new safety standards. Although it may cost a bit more, if you are using a premium handset, whenever possible, use the same chargers as recommended by the phone’s manufacturer.

In short, if the battery runs out intermittently, there is no way it can be a problem to assume that any charger is used. However, since fast charging works differently, use the phone manufacturer’s charger whenever possible.

So what about Apple’s new MagSafe chargers?

MagSafe also uses the same wireless charging technology. The currently released MagSafe charger is for use with iPhone 12 only. It is better not to use it on other phones. Magnets and smartphones usually have a lack of harmony. However, with some of their engineering tricks, the MagSafe chargers have made the iPhone 12 series seamless.

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