Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 Laptop, Price & Review

Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14 Laptop. Nowadays, most people want to buy a laptop. There are many reasons for this. Some work from home. Some have children who are learning. Others want to go beyond the screen of a smartphone. However, some people find it difficult to decide what kind of laptop they want. Everyone wants a different type of laptop. The gamer does not need enough power to type. Therefore, it is not advisable to spend too much money during this difficult time.

But for the most part, when looking for a laptop that has enough power and a good screen, we often find that it goes in the range of Rs 40,000 – 50,000. Below this, you can see that most of the expensive laptops are made with Intel i3 processor. For some, though, it may not perform well enough to use robust programs in the future. It is for these reasons that Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook 14 comes to our attention.

Mi Notebook 14 laptop.

The MI Notebook 14 is one of Xiaomi’s best laptops. The Horizon Edition of the MI Notebook is now available in India. This is a great model. But it must be paid more. The MI Notebook 14 model with a starting price of Rs 43,999 is for those who do not have to pay that much. The model priced at Rs 49,999 is for those who want the best laptop in the series. All of these are powered by Intel’s 10th generation i5 processor.

The difference between the models is in terms of SSD storage and graphics. However, the laptops in this series are generally found to be more powerful than the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3I and HP Laptop 14S models. One of their limitations is that they are powered by an i3 processor. However, the IdeaPad Slim 3I SSD partially solves the problem of speed. The HP laptop 14S also has a SIM card slot.

Notebook 14 Design.

One of the factors that makes the MI Notebook 14 attractive is its metal construction. This is a novelty for those who have used laptops made of plastic. This is one of the factors that gives the user the feeling that their money has been spent properly. Its coating is also attractive. It’s a bit shiny, but it’s not like it’s a cheap laptop. It seems to have a little more bezel than the high-end models, but that also doesn’t detract from the attractiveness. This new laptop from Xiaomi looks the size of the old 13.3-inch laptops. However, the screen area is 14-inches.

At a glance, you can see a flaw in the webcam of the laptop body. Don’t worry about what to do with Zoom calls. Because Xiaomi finds a solution for that too. The Mi Notebook 14 comes with a USB webcam. Connectivity options are also not disappointing- two USB 3.1 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5 mm audio port and an HDMI port are all provided. However, it also suffers from a lack of a USB-C port. The lack of a card reader should also be considered as a drawback. Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14.

Notebook 14 Screen.

The LED panel of the MI Notebook 14 is Full HD. Its brightness is excellent. While many panels claim to be full HD, they do not feel bright enough. Not glossy, but matte display. This screen helps to reduce the reflection of the surrounding lights. Not to mention the sharpness of the screen. This will benefit the user while watching the text and video. Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14.

Another thing to note is that the thing is color. The screen of the MI Notebook 14 looks good with color separation. The drawbacks of many screens are their dull colors and the problem of not being able to see them from the side – both of which are not present in the Mi Notebook 14.

Notebook 14 Performance.

The Mi Notebook 14 is powered by an Intel Core i5-10210U processor. It also comes with 8 GB of RAM. It provides enough power in almost all situations. This will definitely give you better performance than a laptop with an i3 processor, even if you have multiple programs open. Don’t put this notebook in the category of any Windows laptop – it offers a great performance experience. If the purpose is word documents, Excel spreadsheets, a little browsing, and watching YouTube, then don’t worry- this laptop doesn’t have a problem. Even if it has to be used for a long time, it can be used without fear as it has a lot of holes to dissipate the heat. Cooling fan service is also available.

Xiaomi claims that it is a little bigger … bigger than the cooling fans that are commonly used. It is said that the MI Notebook 14 is available in three variants. Most of these models are powered by Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics GPU. This, in some cases, aids in the performance of the processor and reduces its loading weight. This is especially true in gaming. However, it should be noted that this is not a gaming laptop. However, it is also very useful for things like low-level video editing. Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14.

Notebook 14 Battery.

If the battery is working for a long time, the charger will not have to be carried anywhere. Xiaomi claims that this laptop will get 10-hours of battery life. However, the MI notebook 14 Horizon Editions with Core i7 processor got up to 8 hours. That too is not a bad performance. However, the battery performance of the Mi Notebook 14 felt better. If you do not add brightness and so on, you can expect a good performance.

Mi Notebook 14 -In short.

The reason why Xiaomi is gaining ground in India in terms of smartphone sales is because of the perception that the price paid for their phones is capital. The findings show that they have adopted the same approach in laptop manufacturing. If you are looking for a laptop priced at Rs 40000-50000, then finding a better one will not be so easy.

However, the MI Notebook 14 also has its limitations. This model may not be suitable for a lot of powerful things, including gaming. But for most people, this may be enough in situations such as work from home. There will be no need to look for another laptop in the next few years. But such predictions are incorrect.

Some may be disappointed that the keyboard does not have backlighting. Some people may not even like to have a webcam installed every time they make a video call. However, if you are looking for a laptop with a full HD screen and i5 processor that gives the impression of being a better design, there are not many models on the market today that can beat the Mi Notebook 14 in terms of price.

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