Vivo V20 SE launched, price & specifications

For those who want a new smartphone for less than Rs 20,000 … buy Vivo V20 SE …

The best phones on the market today that can be bought for around Rs 20,000 there are many‌. So in terms of what to buy, It is natural to have doubts. In this category, The Vivo V20 SE is a compact model. This is smart features ranging from screen to night selfie camera check.


The Vivo V20 SE is a handset that seems to be worth the price. Made with a high-quality polymer. The phone is only 7.83 mm thick. 3D construction method, Vivo says it’s their phone. For this price, nice to meet you when compared to phones.


It has a 6.44-inch Super AMOLED display, another feature worth mentioning. Clarity is clear in most light‌. Watching pictures and videos also gives a good experience. Colors, one of the highlights of AMOLED screens in terms of highlighting Its different. Vivo stands for Hollow Full View Display, calling the screen‌. More than 16 million colors for the screen shades can be reflective. 2,000,000: 1 Male Contrast‌ Proportion. Depending on where the screen brightness stands, manual switching is also beneficial for the user. AMOLED‌ On the Vivo screen to re-exploit the excellence of learning, the same goes for the fingerprint scanner. This is the phone that makes it easy to open. Drop notch is a selfie
provided for the camera to sit on. Weight 171 grams.


The V20 SE model has a slight curvature at the sides. This is the best grip‌ present the top and bottom are flat to the phone, most people also like the way the buttons are pressed. Everything is on the right‌. All of them are easy to finger. There are no buttons on the left side, at the top of the phone is the SIM tray to put two nano SIMs and a micro SD card in the tray the place is ready. Aquamarine Green and Gravity Black, try to buy the phone in different colors. And the case for the phone, Vivo has taken care to provide it in the box itself.


Snapdragon 665 SOC is the Vivo V20 SJE Processing Strengthening‌. The phone also comes with 8 GB of RAM Strength: Will benefit at the point of need. 128 GB for the phone storage capacity is provided, however, up to 1 TB required media as it accepts micro SD cards Let’s move through the files.


The Vivo V20S is powered by a 4,100 mAh battery. With the advantage of the 33 high-speed charger that comes with the phone increased risk of battery discharge, It can be seen that it is very low.

Operating system

The operating system of the phone is Fun touch 11. This is created and credited by Android 10. Focused on Android 11 in the future it is understood that the operating system will change.

Camera system

The AI20 triple camera is the rear camera of the Vivo V20SE. Three lenses: at least on the back, only two of them are included. Third, It has a depth sensor. The main camera of the Vivo V20 SE, 48 MP‌. The default is 12MP images. Settings can be configured to take up to 48 MP images. However, larger than the storage space for a 48MP file, No sense. 12MP images will suffice. Landscapes this is enough to take from the portraits‌. Plenty, The main camera is able to capture details. Accompanying‌ It has an 8MP 120-degree ultra-wide lens. With this: Macro with just a lens‌ so you can shoot pictures too, You can see that Vivo has skipped the catching event.

Night mode

Night‌ mode also works well. At night, to capture the streets and buildings of the cities with excellence The phone can. F1.8 aperture of the main camera lens here is the advantage of the HDR Plus algorithm to be able to see. It also has the ability to shoot excellent 4K video‌. Electronic stabilization embedded in the phone To reduce the effects of vibration to some extent helps.

Selfie camera

Selfie compared to other phones for this price, You can see that the camera can perform excellently. 32 Megapixels is a selfie camera. This is another feature of the Vivo Ora screen light‌. The night selfie mode feature is also great. Dark The parts are evenly lit, with plenty of light They do this by adjusting the exposure of the parts, That is the explanation given by Vivo. Therefore, night Selfies are superior to phones at this price seems to be compliant. Using software, Face‌ Beauty effects can also be used if desired. Although it is not a gaming phone, it does not perform well, you can see that. Today, for those who want to buy a phone for Rs 20,000, many are the best models are also available‌. Giving in appearance and performance, the Vivo V20 SE is one of the most affordable models is to say.

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