The BlackBerry era is not over, will come back year 2021 with 5G smartphone

In January 1998 on the Toronto Stock Exchange Canadian company RIM (Research in Motion) issued a new IPO, but it is the not so popular in the media. The company in 1996 Introduced paging system and paging tool personalized, It was the beginning of changes in communication. In the world of pagers‌ new but another company other than Motorola at that time, pagers were not introduced.

In 1999, RIM launched a new pager Introduced – BlackBerry 850. BlackBerry for buttons on the keypad, Blackberry is a pager because of its resemblance to fruit lilies named. From Microsoft Email Servers‌ Accepting the message of users through their own servers delivered to hand-sized soap-sized equipment, the technology was amazing at the time.

Blackberry One more year to change the brand name from the device name, It was necessary. The BlackBerry 957 was released by the company in April 2000 Awesome smartphone and mobile phones like a sci-fi tool in the seen world, It was new.

Nokia and Ericsson have been around since then introduced smartphones, but BlackBerry’s own operating system and email system are all BlackBerry made the smartphone stand out. Once purchased BlackBerry then nobody cares about another phone. Later‌ The customer loyalty gained by the iPhone ten times as many early Blackberry users rand‌ loyalty because to compare with the iPhone.

Comparable to BlackBerry as it is to Android, there was nothing else in the world then. iPhone 2007 and later Android phones With the advent of blackberry, the popularity of the company declined. Sales of phones at least brand‌ value remained high. In 2011 in the US, with the number of iPhone owners surpassing the number of BlackBerry owners, the collapse began.

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Various models of phones and BlackBerry until 2015 although many innovations have been introduced in the operating system there is no holding back in the market. Operating on Android in 2015 BlackBerry released the phone on the system with its own OS Abandoned.

Two more Android phones next year Although introduced, Samsung and Chinese companies are far ahead of Blackberry in the Android smartphone market gone are the days of the Android smartphone marketplace BlackBerry the phones did not attract anyone.

Then ‌ smartphone manufacturing terminated the company started licensing‌ but partner TCL introduced only one model, the BlackBerry Keyvon. TCL also sells BlackBerry after sales plummeted Abandoned.

BlackBerry Announcement

BlackBerry smartphone that almost died, but last August 30th Unexpected return after two weeks has been announced‌. Onward is a company called Mobility in Texas, the USA, contracted to manufacture phones for BlackBerry.

The 5G BlackBerry phone is expected to hit the market in 2021 Promise of Onward‌ Mobility. It was a startup Lokshadha with the announcement of Onward Mobility BlackBerry Phone has won. BlackBerry’s third coming to the market It remains to be seen how much impact it will have, used in BlackBerry phones for over a decade thousands of users are excited. Hopefully, the blackberry is back like a phoenix bird.

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