iPhone 12 will be released on October 13 and more technology news

Some Useful Technology News

iPhone this year’s premium is the iPhone 12 Series, Technology giant Apple is about to unveil. Hi, October 13 with the term speed ​​(11, 50 beats) Invitations to the upcoming virtual ceremony sent by‌. Held at the company’s Steve Jobs Theater. This time the ceremony will be streamed live. Ceremonies will begin on Indian time night at 10:30 p.m.

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iPhone Series 12

iPhones new a small home pod speaker with covered ears and headphones, Apple TV streaming box, Location tracking device will also be taken out ‌ most the new rumors say‌. What is high speed? Their first This may or may not be due to the introduction of Taji phones The power of the latest A14 Bionic‌ processor That it is announcing, and that at least one model can be found The intended 120 Hz screen refresh rate is intended there are arguments‌.

The star of the show will be the iPhone 12 Series. 5.4-inch iPhone, 6.1-inch iPhone, 6.1-iPhone Pro, 6.7-inch Apple is the model for the iPhone Pro, and Max I think it will come out. Features of all models They have been updated and will have a new design is believed. The LiDAR that is going to be used in the Proline (LIDAR) The sensor may be one of the innovations this year. This 3D depth mapping of phones will be enhanced.

TikTok The World’s Most Expensive App


It’s the beginning of TikTok’s problems than western apps there are those who think that it is from when it started to get attention‌. Chinese owned app by BitDance India recently prohibited. India was a country they have the most users in the world. In the United States, they face serious problems. Despite all this, the world’s highest-grossing month, The censor is an app that does not belong in the gaming category the figures released by the censor tower said.

Globally 130.5 Million dollars – that’s what they made. The past The app is 7.9 times more cash than it made in September owned and made available to Apple globally acceptance is also reflected in this, according to reports. However, 89 percent of them are from China There are those who point out‌. 6% of revenue from the US, The company also received 1% of its revenue from Turkey. Despite this, the future of the app is uncertain evaluations.

Instagram is ten years old!


The charm of young women and men, now on Facebook It’s been ten years since started Instagram. The company has a handful of new features as part of the birthday celebration presented by‌. Stories map, two well-being updates, and new features. Stories map the last three one of the most shared news by users during the year, private map, and calendar provided. Looking back at favorite moments that have taken place over the past three years the company hopes that this will enable users to relax.‌

The first well-being‌ feature coming, disliked allows comments to be hidden. View hidden comments‌ feature you can also view hidden comments when needed. The second well-being feature is expanding nudge warnings. User: to post inappropriate comments before you go to think about whether they are suitable is asking ‌ doing‌. Reels‌ and shopping‌ in the coming months and many other new features and new beneficial features The company has also announced that it will include.

John McAfee jailed …


Dangerous Cristiano in Indian Online Search McAfee as Ronaldo The most dangerous word to search in India Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese footballer McAfee software developers say. To Ronaldo‌ Then Tapsi Pannu, Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sharma, Arman Malik, Sarah Ali Khan, Divyanka Ripati, Shah Rukh Khan and Arijit Singh McAfee claims that names can cause problems.

Nokia to launch new TV with Flipkart

Nokia has launched a new set of TVs Company. These will be sold through Flipkart. 32-inch HD TV is the startup model. It is priced at Rs 12,999. 65-inch The Asha HD 4K model is the most expensive – Rs 59,999. D Vocabulary is one of the highlights of the range.

Pixel 2 and XL models End in December

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL in Google’s smartphone line Software support for models will end in December. The company said it would end. Introduced in 2017 These are the models.

Sennheiser new headphones hit the market

Well, known headphone maker, Sennheiser has their own two new models have been launched in India. HD 250 BT while the Bluetooth headphones are priced at Rs 5,490, the CT120BT The neckband will be available for Rs 3,490. And through the company’s website, They can also be purchased through other e-commerce websites.

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