Top10 home theaters in India just under Rs.3000

Top10 home theaters. Priced at just under Rs 3,000  If possible to own home theaters, yes possible. The best Quality Home Theaters is available today at the price level‌. Zibronics, Philips, Intex, F&D, i Ball, T-Series & i kall like companies also charge this price available in the standard‌. Cheapest available on Flipkart and Amazon, some of the best Home Theaters are introducing for us at the price.

Philips MMS2625B / 94 38 W & 31(2.1 channel)

Philips MMS2625B Bluetooth Home Theater, priced below Rs 3,000.‌ Best of home theaters for people who want the brand itself a brand of choice Philips, Philips Pragita 6258/94 38 W 31 Bluetooth‌ Home Theater Now Rs.2,874 through Flipkart Can own it. Bluetooth version 2.2, Up to10m Wireless range, memory Card slot, 38-volt power output, its main features.

Zibronics Home Theater ZEB-FEEL 4 60 W(4.1 channel)

Zibronics Portable Home Theater, The brand, is one of the most notable on the market. 23-28 4 607 of Zibronics Bluetooth‌ Home Theater attractive now For Rs 2,199 through Flipkart can own. Bluetooth version 2.1: EDR, memory card slot, Build-in Stereo FM, and MP3fire format support important for this device features.

Intex 2622 Bluetooth Home Theater(4.1 channel)

Intex 2622 Portable Bluetooth, is available for Rs 2,199. Digital FM support‌, and to connect‌ DVD, PC, TV, and device featured LED display and the power indicator.

F&D A111 Portable Home Theater (2.1 channel)

The F&D A111 is priced at Rs 2,499 F‌ 35W Portable Home Theater is of excellent quality Is the device‌. 35-volt power supply, 65-volt power speaker, HD Sound, and its Features USB card reader, Multi-Functional Panel Keys‌.

Krisons Verve 7.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Home Theater

7. 1 Home Theater Speaker System has various input sources like Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio, AUX-IN, and SD Card, reader. Compatible with your mobile phone, tablets, pcs, television. It comes with 1 Sub-Woofer and 7 Satellite Speakers. It has a wireless remote for ease of use. Amplifier Output: 60 W ; Power Features: AC 220 – 240 V ; Power Consumption: 160 W ; Performance Features: Frequency Response: 20000 Hz – 20 Hz ; Signal To Noise Ratio: 50 dB.
Country of Origin: India.

i Ball Sound King i3 Bluetooth Home Theater (2.1 channel)

iBall Sand king i3 priced at Rs 2,399 King i3 16W Bluetooth Home Theater, The best you can get in this price category home theater‌. 16-volt power connected, wireless via Bluetooth music streaming, memory card slots, and ‌ e features of the device.

T. Series M150BT Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker(2.1 channel)

T. Series M150BT 2.1 Multimedia Price at Rs.2,490 for Bluetooth speaker system. 27-volt power ‌Via Bluetooth Music and the streaming system the speaker has‌.

ikall ik4444 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker (7.1 channel)

i-Kall ik444 multimedia speaker worth Rs 2,399 Bluetooth for home theater 7.1-channel 180 volts‌. 260 volts AC power source is inside. Via Bluetooth, to stream music,‌ the system is also present in this theater.

iBall Hi-Bass Laptop Bluetooth Speaker (2.1 channel)

iBall Hi-Bass laptop speaker worth at Rs.2,578 i ball Hi-Bass laptop desktop the speaker is rated at 180 volts contains stream music via Bluetooth range 7m this is the mechanism to do in the device‌.

iBall Raga Classic Laptop Speaker (2.1 channel)

iBall Raga Classic Laptop Desktop the speaker worth Rs.1,989 is rated 40W contains stream music via Bluetooth. This is the mechanism to do on the device‌.

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