Sony A7S III to make history in video recording

The camera industry is undergoing major changes. For the excellence brought by Canon’s EOS R5 and R6 cameras, then now there is Sony’s turn. Their hypersensitivity camera is the third generation camera in the A7S III series presented by Sony ‌company. Canon’s new models when it comes to alternatives, Sony’s A7S III trying to do wonders in professional video recording. The sensor still has a resolution of 12 MP, still shooters may be kept away from this body. However, If the resolution is not an issue, the new camera outdoor images copying, including exposure, is another matter.

Sony A7S III Some features

Today, it is 9.44 megadotts brighter than any other product, provided by OLED finder. 0.90% of it there is also magnification. Cameras like Sony A9 and Sony A7 R4, its control is familiar to those who have used body systems. It’s been years since I’ve read about Sony’s cameras, the biggest allegation that exists is their menu system‌. That too has been redesigned for the new camera‌. Reduced Tilt-to-tilt LCD screen video with limitations attract shooters.

The new battery has a rating of 500 shots contains this camera shoots at 10 frames per second, images will also be taken in the format. Beyoncé means XR, the name given to the processor‌. Up to 1,000 raw photos can be shot in one go. Auto white makes the balance even better. New More on SLR adapter audio recording brings a professional touch. There is also a stereo microphone. The natural ISO range is 80-102-400, it can boost it to 40-409,800. The minimum ISO of the video will be 80. The first to introduce a USB power delivery system is an alpha camera. It lacks features like built-in flash and is a camera that professionals should have on hand.

Sony A7S III Video Recording

4K of video can be recorded up to 119.88 frames per second. Video on DSLR and mirrorless cameras The greatest curse of recording is the effect of the rolling-shutter, Sony has come a long way in reducing that. As handhold active mode to make shooting video easier presented‌. A full-size HDMI port‌ is given‌. With this 4 / 59.940 16-bit‌ raw video, external copy to the recorder. Quality in various formats allows you to record videos without bleeding. There is a double card slot. CFX Express Type A will accept the new format and SD cards. Lots of optional accessories will be accepted.

Some things to keep in mind

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Not doing anything from the prospective Canon R-camera, focus on video recording Focusing Sony A7S III, Panasonic S1H, And many more begging for the attention of lovers as well. Canon’s art model is a uniquely positioned camera. But, in this, continuous video shooting is an impossible task. Currently, the best video to record, including 8K It will be Alton, but it will not be able to shoot for long.

That’s it suddenly gets heat, shooting will stop. Who used consecutive, those who want to shoot have two or more cameras says to buy. When left to cool, this is for use. 8K recording for Sony A7S III, No capacity. But it’s on record longer than Canon can do. But it only has 12MP still images to be able to record. $3,500 for 12 MP still recording the question also arises whether the dollar should be spent.

However, video recording is the primary goal today The Sony A7S III is one of the few cameras available in the market to record longer than R5 and R6 cameras, doing so is an advantage that Sony offers. But, Sony The A7S III is a starting point for the company to bring there are those who say that this is just an introduction to the things that are going on. Anyway, the video this camera captures in dim light has already caught the attention of the fans. This is a specialist camera, Sony A7S III.

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